SWR Symphonieorchester
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SWR Symphonieorchester

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Year of Foundation:  2016

The SWR Symphonieorchester is the symphony orchestra of the Südwestrundfunks (SWR). It was formed through the fusion of the two previous SWR orchestras SWR Sinfonieorchesters Baden-Baden and Freiburg (founded 1946) and the Radio-Sinfonieorchesters Stuttgart (founded 1945). It is based in Stuttgart. Cost considerations were behind the decision in for the fusion which was originally made on September 28th 2012. Despite countless protests against the decision it was finally followed through upon n 2016.


The orchestra has maintained and built upon the most important traditions and experience of the predecessors 70 years experience. New music is an important aspect of the SWR Symphonieorchesters as is the symphonic literature of pas musical epochs and an historical informed performance and interpretation of those works. The orchestra is also focused on the dissemination of sophisticated music among all age groups and classes.


(Source: http://www.swr.de/swr-classic/symphonieorchester/swr-symphonieorchester-...)

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