Weltausstellung/Exposition Mondiale (EXPO)

Weltausstellung/Exposition Mondiale (EXPO)

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Year of Foundation:  1851


The World Exposition also known as the Exposition Universelle Internationale bzw. Exposition Mondiale (Expo) is an international exposition that, in the industrial area, established itself as a show of technical and craft mastery. It takes place in a five year interval. Since 1928 the institution responsible for the Expo has ben the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The officially recognised expos last between three and six months. Participants are countries, international organisations, companies, civil society, and NGO's that create their own pavilions which they then populate or offer as display space or for events.
The Expo is always a special occasion for musicians and composers from Austria who can provide their works or receive commissions for performance in the Austrian Pavilion.

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