Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel / Hochschule für Musik

Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel / Hochschule für Musik

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Year of Foundation:  1905

The Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel was founded in 1867. For around 150 years the Musik-Akademie Basel has been a leading center for musical education in all stages. It brings the Musikschule Basel, the Hochschule für Musik, the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, the Jazzcampus ad the Institut Weiterbildung under one roof, providing a broad spectrum of education, research and furthering education. From ancient to new music, from audio design over jazz to the various forms of improvisation.


The Hochschule für Musik in Basel was founded in 1905 as the first conservatory in German speaking Switzerland. It was created by the Swiss composer and pianist Hans Huber. Since it’s foundation it has counted as one of the leading training, research, and performance institutions in Europe. 


In the last couple of years the Hochschule für Musik built up its profile in a variety of areas. Chamber music has been particularly emphasised, and as part of the Cultural City Basel interpretation, composition, improvisation, electronic production, and research in contemporary music have also been added to their focus.

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