Deppe Renald


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 makroPHONIA II 2016
2 protokoll 2016
3 camera delle meraviglie segreta di luigi il turco 2016
4 musica callada - a tribute to the solitude of frederic mompou 2016
5 Interventionen - for clarinet solo 2016
6 Carinthische Wassermusik - for choirs & brass-orchestras 2016
7 Der Kleiderflug 2016
8 gregorian vamps for lithuanian swamps - Fugue Grotesque_Sacred Concert_Graph Opera 2015
9 lunaire revisited - pain- & brainstream-music 2014
10 13 1/3 märsche den sieg zu verfehlen. - for brass-orchestra and solists 2014
11 Abwandlungen des Gleichen - Sounds and signs at the interfaces of composition / conception / improvisation 2014
12 San Ignacio : Eine Dschungeloper 2014
13 Der Hundsturm zu Babel 2013
14 Ritter, Räuber, Rutschpartien 2013
15 Die Böhmische Bibel - Eine Strenge Kammeroper 2013
16 lost & found 2011
17 Reply to a Letter My Father Never Wrote Me - Musik zum Theaterstück 2010
18 fünfsiebenfünf : für Klarinette und 4 Violoncelli 2009
19 7 notenhelfer für sorgsam gedroschelte hellzeilen - Litanei nach Texten von Bodo Hell 2009
20 ruch_bar 2008
21 Achtzehn choräle und eine Aria in Achteinhalb minuten 2008
22 Der Tod wird nach Pfeffer und Majoran riechen ... - Karwochenlaudanum 2006
23 Donna Juanna 2006
24 Tempus Fugit - windvariable klanginstallation 2005
25 Troparion: Fraktale Hymnographie nebst einigen wohlfeil gesetzten Versauungen 2004
26 Kleinfeine Fliegfriedamusik - Hörbuch zu Kindergeschichten von und mit Elfriede Gerstl 2003
27 Tracht, Pflicht - Musik zum Theaterstück von Bodo Hell 2003
28 La Boheme - Neuinszenierung/vertonung der Oper 2001
29 TrioRio II 2000 6m
30 Lamentationes 1999
31 Perpetual Silence 1999
32 Irrlicht - Wintermusikalische Irritation 1996 20m
33 Laudanum - Klangsäulen - für 1-8 Melodieinstrumente 1995
34 Parerga für Anton von Webern 1995 4m
35 Brainstreammusic - Sechs vierstimmige Kontrapunkte 1995 15m
36 Hört - Hört! - 2 x 2 Handlungsbedürfnisse (Hör und Spiel Musik) 1995
37 Hipbegalopphopbop 1995 7m
38 Don Pimperlin 1995
39 United colours of dirty tones 1994 30m
40 Painstreammusic - His Masters Noise 1994 1h
41 Interpolation - Variationen zur österreichischen Bundeshymne 1993 18m
42 Faden der Ariadne - für Blasorchester und Solisten 1992 30m
43 Prelude to a kiss and a C Jam Blues - Eine Entartungsmusik 1991 20m
44 Variationen über kein Thema von Josef Matthias Hauer - für Fagott, Sopransaxophon und Klavier 1990 7m - 45m
45 Jimbo - Metamorphosen für Posaune, Altsaxophon, Violine, Viola und Klavier 1990 12m
46 Konzert für Kammerorchester und Dichter 1989 25m
47 Albolina - Kinderoper für Masken und 4 Instrumentalisten 1988 1m
48 Duo - für Violine und Violoncello 1987 10m
49 Phonologische Passion - für Violoncello, Klarinette und Sprecher 1987 30m
50 Triorio - für Kontrabass, Flöte und Klarinette 1986
51 Tenebrae - Streichsextett 1984 18m
52 Novecento - Theatermusik
53 Ria nackt: eine Racheoper
54 Mohr im Hemd - Musik zum Theaterstück von Bodo Hell
55 Donna Juanna - Musik zum Theaterstück von Bodo Hell
56 Dimitroff - anarchospektrale Aufbaumusik
57 Nell Breve Arco Del Mio Tempo
58 Troparion - Fraktale Hymnographie nebst einigen wohlfeil gesetzten Versauungen nach den vortrefflich gearbeiteten Traumbericht-Texturen eines Andreas Okopenko
59 abgefahren! - eine komische Kinderoper
60 tenebre
61 Die zwei Brüder - grim fairytale-music for people (almost) adult
62 artfremd_fremdArt : eigenArt_arteigen - für wenn ich zweiheimisch bin : hoquetus duplex

General Information

Year of Birth:  1955
Date of Birth:  4. August 1955
Place of Birth:  Bochum
Country of Birth: 


Renald Deppe studied clarinet and composition at the Folkwang University in Essen and received his further musical education in Berlin and at the University of Music and the Performing Arts, Vienna. He has played the saxophone and clarinet in ensembles for classical, contemporary and improvised music. Deppe was the founder and the artistic director of several festivals and cultural initiatives. Parallel to his work as promoter, curator and concept designer of music projects aside from a mainstream catering to listening habits, Deppe made himself a name as a composer of several commissions. His work focuses on chamber music, music theatre, graphic-sheet music, interdisciplinary project design, installations and sound graphics.


With his ensemble "Capella con Durezza", founded in 1992 and bringing together artists from all kinds of domains due to its varying instrumentation, Deppe systematically develops theme-oriented programmes (Kurt Weill, Charles Mingus, Bert Brecht, Duke Ellington, Second Viennese School, anthem, German Schlager, Hugo Wolf etc.), in which multimedia techniques (film, literature, performance) are employed in addition to jazz embellishments, as well as principles of contemporary music and its improvisation techniques. Renald Deppe defines this laughingly as "Arts festival configuration music - the structure and interactive relationship of individual experiences in one common context".


About his second band project, the "Wachauer Pestbläser", of which musicians Gerd Jonke, Christoph Chech and others have been part of so far, Deppe says on his website, "The Wachauer Pestbläser understand themselves as a charitable association out of necessity with limited grip, founded for the inexpensive disport of the mind". As a musician Deppe performed at several international festivals (Saalfelden, Berlin, Moscow, Krakow, Budapest, Rome, St. Petersburg etc.), his graphic sheet music has been displayed repeatedly in galleries.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

grammar School specialized in music


further studies


1988 - 1997

founder and artistic director of the monthly performed arts festival

1991 - 1998

founder and artistic director of the Grabenfesttage (in cooperation with Dr. Johann Hauf)


ever since founder and artistic director of the ensemble "Capella Con Durezza"

1994 - 1998

founder and manager of the Jazz-club together with Christoph Huber and Mathias Ruegg

1997 - 1998

musical director


ever since teaching assignment


ever since teaching assignment


ever since co-publisher of the Upper Austrian art magazine "kursiv"

2001 - 2003

founder and artistic director of the festival in cooperation with Dr. Peter Leisch


founder and ever since artistic director of "Wachauer Pestbläser"


artist in residence at "festival 21"


artist in residence


artist in residence at "Exploration of Color"


ever since curator of "Lost & Found"


ever since curator of "Public Domain"

cooperation with Gert Jonke, Doron Rabinovici, Elfriede Gerstl, Bodo Hell, Evelyn Schlag, Andreas Okopenko, Friederike Mayröcker, Götz Bury, K.U.SCH., Peter Assmann, Linde Waber, Wolfgang Mitterer, Ernst Friedrich, Markus Kupferblum a.o.

Performances (Selection)


Easter Festival Krakow


numerous invitation to international festivals (Saalfelden, Donaueschingen, Berlin, Mocow, Krakow, Budapest, Rome, St. Petersburg, Sofia, Basel, Toronto, Helsinki, Teheran, Bratislava etc.)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Great Prize for Music


Golden Badge of Merit

Press Reviews

No one else walks so effortlessly through the ferro-concrete walls of the Viennese music scene. No one else is followed onto the stage by such antithetical artists. And that, in most cases, for little money. Vienna would not be imaginable without Renald Deppe as a catalyst, organiser and notorious self-exploiter, and neither as a creative artist. 

ORF (Robert Bilek)


The result of several weeks' work is captivating: the new composition sounds very professional , the change between jazzy sounds and atonality and then the change into folklore seems effortless. An exciting festival start. 

Die Presse


Even as a composer, Renald Deppe sometimes moves aside from tradition. Five staves have not been sufficient enough from him for quite some time. Skilfully, he puts his musical ideas into graphics. These graphic notations, which rather correspond to a description of emotions and conditions, are pieces of art in their own right. Ronald Deppe creates his compositions using Indian ink and water colour techniques and then they sound as delicate as his pictures appear [...] the compositions are of most filigree quality for everybody. You do not have to be a musician to wander through these musical landscapes. 

Concerto (Alfred Krondraf)


Renald Deppe managed to sound like Renald Deppe: quite wild and loud, highly charged and virtuosic, insinuating and, sometimes, even funny. When he goes about working on existing pieces, be it American standards or Russian farcical operas, he works on it very seriously, adjusting clichés, moves familiar perspectives - and leaves enough musicality for the less experienced listeners to be astonished. When he plays freely, he likes taking off the mouth piece of his instrument and then he really gets going ... 

Falter (Carsten Fastner)

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