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Fussenegger Uli

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Year of Birth:  1966
Place of Birth:  Feldkirch
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For over 20 years Uli Fussenegger has been playing at the most important festivals on all continents, both as a soloist and ensemble player, and as a member of the Klangforum Wien. Numerous works have been composed for him (including pieces by Georges Aperghis, Bernhard Lang, Beat Furrer, and Mauricio Sotelo) and were premiered by him. In addition, he has performed in the fields of free improvisation and electronics.
He has worked on various CD/DVD/TV productions as a performer, composer, recording supervisor, and producer. Fussenegger is the dramaturg and project developer of the Klangforum Wien. He is also the founder, producer, and distributor of the CD label Durian Records.
He teaches at the Academy of Music in Lucerne, at the Art University in Graz, and at the Ensemble Academy "Impuls" in Graz. He has been a tutor of the Darmstadt Summer Course since 2002.


Internationale Ferienkurse, Darmstadt (2016)


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lessons with Franz Dunkler



ever since member


foundation and ever since management of the label (together with Werner Dafeldecker)


ever since tutor for double bass


ever since tutor for double bass and interpretation in contemporary music

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