Photographer: Katja Hiendlmayer ©

Moosbrugger Alexander


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 #279 - for viola 2018 14m 20s
2 #277 - for violin 2018 18m 56s
3 Seigneur Dieu ta pitié von Guillaume Costeley - version A 2017 6m-7m
4 Seigneur Dieu ta pitié von Guillaume Costeley - version B 2017 7m
5 Late Breakfast - an exhibition 2017
6 Signalisation Complexe 2017 17m
7 Schlechte Stimmung 2017 - 2018 19m
8 Alignement - together with Thomas Kessler 2016 9m 24s
9 restaurer qc. - for string-quartet 2016 20m-23m
10 19 oder Die Entdeckung der Decke 2015 19m
11 Charlotte Dualé, Maria Dabow, Stefanie Kägi (3) 2014 14m
12 Zuspiel auf Vinyl - long-playing record 2014 47m
13 Charlotte Dualé, Maria Dabow, Stefanie Kägi (2) 2014 6m-7m
14 Fonds, Schach, Basar - for ensemble 2013 10m-14m
15 Stravagante e per il cimbalo cromatico von Gioanpietro del Buono - transcription 2013 3m-4m
16 Charlotte Dualé, Maria Dabow, Stefanie Kägi (1) 2013 4m-5m
17 Skalen, Texte, Maß - version for string-quartet 2013 8m
18 Zwei Quartett-Sätze, revidiert 2012 2012 21m
19 4 Orgelstücke für Paris 2010 28m
20 de Grigny - for ensemble 2010 10m
21 Skalen, Texte, Maß 2009 8m
22 Silben, Skalen, Nacht 2009 10m
23 Folge, Skalen, Text 2008 9m
24 Jemand sagt >bleib!< - Suite in fünf Gedanken 2008
25 Hypnos Eros Mache - for ensemble 2007 12m
26 Selinunt - for large orchestra 2007 - 2010 23m
27 Zwei Linien - for violin and violoncello 2007 7m
28 The Decline - Super 8-Film by Gerhard Klocker 2007 2m 46s
29 Books - Encore for Piano 2005 10m
30 Teint 2005 7m
31 In Perfection - for video and piano 2005 12m 14s
32 Licht, Steg - Intonationsmusik für Streichquartett 2004 9m
33 Tunnelmusik - for string-quartet 2001 15m
34 F 'U' R (Hangmusik) - for an ensemble of 12 instruments, ensemble with old instruments and solo voice 2001 27m
35 Sprechstück (nach Nietzsche) - for seven voices and text-projection 2001 - 2011 18h

General Information

Year of Birth:  1972
Date of Birth:  21. August 1972
Place of Birth:  Schoppernau
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Composer, organist; lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin and Schoppernau.
Born in 1972 in the Bregenz Forest, studies at the Conservatory of Feldkirch, at the University of Vienna - there also philosophy - and at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart . Several awards, including the International Lake Constance price ijn the segment of Contemporary Composition 2003; scholarship for composition from the Federal Chancellery Vienna 2006; Austrian State Scholarship for Composition 2008; Artist in Residence at the "Domus Artium " near Rome 2008; composition scholarship of the province of Vorarlberg 2008/2009; scholarship for composition (orchestra piece) 2011 by the private foundation Impulse; scholarship of the BM:UKK for Composition 2012; 2013 artist fellow at the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani. 


Research contracts / lecturer / guest lectures : Orpheus Instituut Ghent (Four talks on "Listen" by Rebecca Saunders, Georg Friedrich Haas, Pascal Dusapin, Salvatore Sciarrino ); Bruckner University Linz (Festival of New Music 2011) , Berlin University (lecture to "Beat frequency spectrum, harmony intonations and Music at the beginning of the 21st century")
Curator activity : row 0 / Days of Art ; Bludenzer Days of Contemporary Music ( - master classes, radio recordings, broadcasts, CD-recordings.


His compositions have been performed internationally, e.g. at the Konzerthaus in Berlin or at the King's College Cambridge, at festivals for contemporary music (2013 for example, at the London-Ear Festival, New Music Forum Lucerne ) and in ensemble cycles. Interpreters of the works include the Klangforum Wien; ensemble recherche; Ensemble Phoenix Basel; Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin; Ensemble Cairn Paris; musikFabrik Cologne; Ensemble L'arsenale; members of the Concerto Cologne and of the Viennese Chamber Orchestra, the Viennese Symphonic Orchestra; Duo Stump-Linshalm; Arditti String Quartet; Pellegrini Quartett; Herbert Henck.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

concert degree in organ with distinction


completion of musicology with distinction


completion of philosophy studies with distinction


artistic degree

studies of applied music

studies of applied music

studies (Jon Laukvik)

dissertation on "hearing" (in progress)

composition seminars in Vienna, Stuttgart, Berlin

master classes with Ewald Kooiman, Guy Bovet, Michael Radulescu, Ludger Lohmann, Jean Boyer


2000 - 2008

initiator and artistic director: Chronologie des Hörens / Anfänge 1 + 2 / Topologie des Hörens / Horror Vacui / Fuga Vacui

2007 - 2013



research assignments "Dialogues to listen to" by the Orpheus Instituut Gent

2014 - 2016

concerts and broadcast series for the BKV in the pavillon at the friendship island Potsdam


curator of "Stimmt's?" at the Arnulf Rainer Museum


curator of "Late Breakfast" at the Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis Bregenz


curator od the concert-series "Schlechte Stimmung"

guest lectures

lecture on the topic "Beating, spectrum, harmony: intonations and music at the beginning of the 21st century" [German: Schwebung, Spektrum, Harmonie: Intonationen und Musik am Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts]

recordings, live broadcasts, organist portraits and broadcasts of his own work

numerous CD-recordings

organ recitals in many European countries

repertoire ranges from oldest music to compositions of our time

Performances (Selection)


Herbert Henck (German pianist)


London Ear Festival

at festivals of contemporary music and in ensemble concert series: Forum Neue Musik Luzern, UC Santa Barbara, L'arsenale Festival – nuova musica a Treviso, Moderne Muziek Nijmegen, Théâtre d'Orléans, Klangspuren Schwaz, Musik Biennale Venice

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Ensemble Phoenix Basel


Quatuor Diotima on the occasion of its 20th anniversary



PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

composition prize


scholarship for composition


state scholarship for composition


artist in residence at the "Domus Artium" near Rome


composition scholarship


scholarship for composition by the Impulse Private Foundation


work scholarship


artist fellow at the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani


work scholarship


composition grant


work scholarship

scholarship for the interpretation seminar at Iberian Organ Music

award for best music at the International Short Film Festival Hans Bach

first prize in the National Competition (highest ranking group) at Platform of Young Artists

talent scholarship

merit scholarship

Description of Style

Alexander Moosbrugger dynamically classifies the entire piano range. He writes mostly for chamber instrumentations, barely doubled in groups, preferably in the genre of string quartets. In advance to a composition, Moosbrugger interweaves auditory and non-auditory sources and brings artifacts, history, society or private dynamics together in musical relations. He analyzes icons and develops his own intonation systems based on "re-conceptualised instrumental practice". In this case, the playing techniques then manifest the "linguistic part" of the musical structures and freshly arise with each piece, each group of creation.