Alexander Mullenbach
Instrument: piano

Photo: Jean Hoss © (Luxembourg)

Mullenbach Alexander


# Titlesort icon Year of Origin Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 "Aus Silberfäden zart gewebt ..." - 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Else Lasker-Schüler, Georg Trakl und Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart für Sopran und Orchester 2002 12m
2 "In den Wänden des Windes ..." - 6 Lieder nach Gedichten von Bert Brecht, Kurt Marti und Paul Fleming 2001 14m
3 2. Streichquartett 2006 10m 34s
4 3 Lieder nach Gedichten von Claudia Storz 2005 9m 48s
5 Aimez-vous... (Brahms)? - Capriccio für Violine solo 2001 ~ 5m 50s
6 An die Königin der Nacht 1997
7 Antiphonien - für 2 Ensembles 2005 11m 43s
8 Art Gallery - Ein musikalisches Gesellschaftsspiel für Violine solo 1987 ~ 16m
9 Augenmusik für Wolfgang - für Orchester 2005 7m 56s
10 Brixham - Vier Lieder für Mezzosopran und Klavier nach Gedichten von Jean Krier 1974 - 1981 9m 48s
11 Capriccio per Niccolo Paganini - für Violine solo 1994 3m 10s
12 Constructions in Metal - 1. Streichquartett 1997 28m 40s
13 Conversations intimes - für Violine und Kontrabass 2005 8m 13s
14 Correspondances 1981 7m 10s
15 Country Music - für Violine und Marimba 2004 8m 13s
16 Dark Crystal - für großes Orchester 1999 9m
17 Darkness - für Synthesizer, Bassklarinetten und Schlagzeug 2008
18 Die Todesbrücke - Kammeroper 2002 ~ 1h 40m
19 Dream music 1981 - 1990 6m 20s
20 Drei Epigramme - für Flöte und Gitarre 1981 9m 9s
21 Drei Sätze - für Streichsextett 1987 18m 15s
22 Erste Sinfonie 1985
23 Evasion 1987 9m 17s
24 Floating Music - für Flöte, Klarinette, Schattengeigen, Streichquartett, Klavier und Perkussion 2007 ~ 8m
25 Flugsand - für großes Orchester 1993 24m 46s
26 Fluidum - for clarinet and piano 1993 6m 7s
27 Fünf Lieder nach Gedichten von Giuseppe Ungaretti - für Sopran, Violoncello und Klavier 2000 ~ 8m 30s
28 Für Orlando di Lasso - Drei kleine Stücke für zwei Violinen 1993 6m 47s
29 Gesang des Schwarzen Vogels 2002 2m 30s
30 Gloire et Décadence - für Streichorchester 2001 ~ 12m
31 Karma I 1987 14m 35s
32 Karma II 1991 ~ 15m
33 Klavierquintett 1999 ~ 24m
34 Le 14 juillet - für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello, Harfe 1998 9m 30s
35 Les Litanies de l'ombre et de la lumière - Konzert für Violoncello und Streicher 1995 ~ 29m
36 Lost islands 1988 17m 30s
37 Ma vie est un bateau abandonne ..... - für Bariton und Streichorchester 1999 ~ 12m 33s
38 Memento - für großes Orchester 1997 14m 28s
39 Night music 1987 9m 48s
40 Nuages 1983
41 Opal - für Orchester 2007
42 Partita Nr. 1 - for Solo Violin 1992 ~ 12m
43 Partita Nr. 2 - für Violoncello solo 2006 11m 1s
44 Phônai 1978
45 Progressions 1982
46 Reflexionen II - für Orchester 1985 17m 22s
47 Schattenraum - Vier Lieder für Mezzosopran und zehn Instrumente nach Gedichten von Peter Härtling 1991 15m 30s
48 Stimmen der Nacht - für Sopran (Mezzosopran) und Orchester nach Texten von Georg Trakl 1986 23m
49 Streams - für Violine, Kontrabass und Klavier 1994 ~ 14m 20s
50 Styx - für Violine solo 1996 16m
51 Tenebrae - für großes Orchester 1989 20m 23s
52 Three Winter Pieces - für Klavier solo 1965 - 1975 ~ 8m 30s
53 Time Cycle - für Schlagwerk und Orchester 2006 ~ 14m
54 Toccata und Passacaglia 2008
55 Tombeau - in memoriam Luigi Nono 29m
56 Tre Madrigali amorosi - Drei Lieder von Liebe und Frühling 1982 8m 28s
57 Tryptichon - für Streichorchester 2000 ~ 23m
58 Umbrae - für großes Orchester 1992 12m 43s
59 Under the Rainbow - eleven Pieces for young pianists 1991 ~ 15m 30s
60 Vier Miniaturen für Flöte und Klavier 1996 ~ 10m
61 Volutes - für Bläserquintett 1992 8m
62 Zeit - Schatten (Quartett auf das Ende vom Lied) - für Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier 2002 12m
63 [N.N.] - Konzert für Marimba und Streicher 2008
64 [N.N.] - Stück für Blockflötenquartett 2008

General Information

Year of Birth:  1949
Date of Birth:  23. January 1949
Place of Birth:  Luxembourg
Country of Birth: 

Born on 01.23.1949 in Luxembourg, music studies at the music conservatory in his hometown, at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in piano, chamber music, music theory, music theory and composition, among others with Gerhard Wimberger, Cesar Bresgen and Boguslaw Schaeffer. Since 1970 professor for piano in his homr-country. In 1981 establishment of a composition class at the Conservatoire of Luxembourg, which has since then formed almost all students of the younger generation of composers of the country. Since then, intensive teaching (University Mozarteum Salzburg, Conservatoire Luxembourg) as well as master classes in several European countries, guest lectures, workshops, radio broadcasts and publications, judge at international competitions (Concours Reine Elisabeth Brussels , etc.), lecturer in composition and analysis at the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. As a solo pianist, chamber musician, song accompanist and conductor numerous concerts throughout Europe and in Canada.
Alexander Müllenbach today is one of the major composers of his generation. His style is characterized by great personal character and power; tonality, atonality, twelve-tone music, serial and post-serial techniques combine to create a musical language in which lyrical and dreamlike fieöds of sound as well as delicate melodic lines as powerful expressiveness as strong emotive charisma eruptions and surreal images come together to a compelling unit.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

diploma (composition) with distinction

studies in piano, chamber music, music theory and composition at Conservatoire "Gabriel Pierné" in Metz

studies in piano, chamber music and music theory at Conservatoire de musique Luxembourg

studies in piano, chamber music, music theory and composition

studies in music theory and composition



founding of a class for composition and prennial professorship (composition and piano) at Conservatoire de musique

1983 - 1994

founder and president of the Society for New Music Luxembourg (LGNM)

1990 - 1996

president of the European Music Institute (IME)

1994 - 1995

art director of the international musc festival "Incontri die Siracusa"

2000 - 2007

president of the Conseil Supérieur de la Musique


since then: director


since then: artistic director


lecturer for composition and analysis

professor for music theory

member of the Institute Grand Ducal

master classes in several european countries, guest lectures, broadcasts and publications, jury member of international competitions

numerous concerts as piano player (and on occasions also as conductor) in Europe and Canada, record sessions for radio and recordings

Performances (Selection)


conversational concert, performances of several compositions


Solistes Européens (J. M. Händler - conductor); "Cantabile" from


Rheinische Philharmonie (Daniel Raiskin - conductor)




Clerkenwell Music Series

Festival du MIDEM Classique

Winter Festival Moscow

Sandor Vegh Festival


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

First Prize in composition of the ORF Salzburg




Great Lions Prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Officier de l'Ordre du Mérite of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Description of Style

I want my music to touch people, to move them; music is to have a bit of that magic ability, which, as I once put it down in an essay, Orpheus must have had as he pulled the animals under its spell. Music should be "true" and "beautiful": On the one hand being testimony of my inner turmoil given the many tensions and threats of our time, they but on the other hand, expression of a deep longing for beauty, a desire that grows every day in us, as beautiful things threaten to slip away more and more from us.

Alexander Mullenbach, 1986: quoted after the Doblinger leaflet to "Stimmen der Nacht", 1986

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Recording Performer of (Composition)

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Language:  German, English, French