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General Information

Date of Birth:  16. July 1955
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

first lessons at the age of five

first musical lessons at the age of 6

classical education

lessons with Richard Hochrainer


1975 - 1977

member of the trio Medaya (with the guitarist Voja Brkovitc and with the pianist Beat Furrer)

1979 - 1989

percussionist and drummer


founder of the ensemble "Part of Art" (with Wolfgang Puschnig, Herbert Joos, Uli Scherer and Jürgen Wuchner)


founder of the ensemble "Air Mail" (with Harry Pepl, Wolfgang Puschnig and Mike Richmond)


member of Wolfgang Mitterer's quartet "Pat Brothers" (with Linda Sharrock and Wolfgang Puschnig)


cooperation with the London Symphony Orchestra


started to work at the solo-project

1994 - 1996

guest soloist

1994 - 1996

cooperation with international jazz-musicians such as Enrico Rava, John Abercrombie, Evan Parker, Michel Godard, Herb Robertson und Peter Kowald, Roscoe Mitchel and Jasper vant Hoff


Celea/Liebman/Reisinger: foundation of the trio and ever since member


foundation of the group, performances with changing line-up such as with Karl Ritter, Peter Herbert, Andy Manndorff, Klaus Dickbauer, John Schröder and Franz Hauzinger


Joachim Kühn's Poison Trio: member


founder and ever since musical director of the festival m.u.s.i.c


ever since cooperation with the composer Franz Koglmann

Orchester National de Jazz: nomination for the position of the drummer

performances at all important European Jazz-festivals

guest soloist

concert tours to Japan, the USA, Africa and the Middle and Far East

productions with the London Symphony Orchestra, the WDR and NDR Big Band

since the early 90s regular cooperation in France with Dominique Pifareli, Ives Robert, Passagio, Louis Sclavis, Michel Portal, Francois Couturier, Marc Ducret and others

numerous concert tours and CD-productions for the French labels "Nightbird Music" and "Label Bleu"

cooperation with the composers Beat Furrer, Thomas Pernes, Wolfgang Mitterer and Luciano Berio

cooperation with Moroccan master-drummers

Performances (Selection)


premiere of the piece "Rückblende" by Thomas Pernes


Austrian premiere of "Circles" by Luciano Berio


performance of "Aus den sieben Tagen" by Karlheinz Stockhausen


big percussion solo concert based on electronic material in the Wotruba Church


opening concert "Invite" at the 25th Jazzfestival Saalfelden

concerts with Andy Manndorff, Pjotr Wojtaschek and Sergey Volkov in Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna and Graz

concert at the RIAS Berlin with Albert Mangelsdorf

solo concert "extended solo drumming" at the Superdrumming Festival

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

"Hippodrome" - commission


commissioned for the opening concert "Invite" for the 25th Jazzfestival Saalfelden

working with Franz Kogelman on the opera

working with Wolfgang Mitterer on the opera

commissioned works for theater and film


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Prize of the German Record Critics' Award for "Pat Brothers No1"


Austrian promotional music award for his program "extended solodrumming"


Diapason: awarded for the first time with the "Prix Diapason d'Or" (further awards in 1998, 2001)


Jazzman: awarded for the first time with the "Prix Choc de Choc" (further awards in 1998, 2001) by music journalists for the ten best international productions of the year


Hans-Koller-Award in two categories

Discography, Projects


  • 1979: "Sinus" with Julian Horky (Ariola)
  • 1979: "Convention" with Stan Lalowski (Poljazz)
  • 1979: "Tango from Obango" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Extraplatte)
  • 1980: "Zartbitter" with Ludwig Hirsch (Polydor)
  • 1980: "Concerto Piccolo" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Hat Art)
  • 1981: "Moebius" with Part of Art (Sesam records)
  • 1981: "Suite for the green eighties" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Hat Art)
  • 1982: "From no time to ragtime" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Hat Art)
  • 1983: "Son Sauvage" with Part of Art (Extraplatte)
  • 1983: "The minimalism of Eric Satie" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Hat Art)
  • 1984: "Prayer for peace" with AirMail (Moers music)
  • 1984: "Alpenglühn" with Thomas Pernes (Amadeo Klassik)
  • 1984: "Serapionsmusik" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Moers Music)
  • 1985: "Linzmusik" with Thomas Pernes (TeePee records)
  • 1985: "Perpetuum mobile" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Hat Art)
  • 1986: "Pat Brothers No. 1"  with Pat Brothers (Moers Music)
  • 1986: "Swiss Swing" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Moers Music)
  • 1986: "Zur Eröffnung" with Thomas Pernes (Extraplatte)
  • 1987: "Light blues" with Airmail (Amadeo)
  • 1987: "Inside out" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Moers Music)
  • 1988: "Klangtheater" with Thomas Pernes (Amadeo Klassik)
  • 1988: "Insula Dulcamara" with Dominique Pifarely (Nocturne)
  • 1988: "Fian" with Bummi Fian (Amadeo)
  • 1989: "Unexpected" with Fernandez (Priv. Edition)
  • 1989: "The innonence of cliches" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Amadeo)
  • 1990: "Highlights 1977-1990" with Vienna Art Orchestra (Amadeo)
  • 1990: "Schönberg improvisations" with Harry Pepl (Amadeo)
  • 1990: "Voyeur, voyeur" with Sigi Finkel (Open minds)
  • 1990: "Passagio" with Passagio (1990)
  • 1991: "Alpenglühn" with Thomas Perne (Amadeo Klassik)
  • 1993: "Special station" with Sigi Finkel (AMM)
  • 1994: "Matador" with Mitterer/Reisinger (Olongapo)
  • 1994: "L'ibere" with Passagio (Label bleu)
  • 1996: "Daily bullet" with Max Nagl (Leo records)
  • 1996: "World view" with Celea & Liebman (Label bleu)
  • 1996: "Improvisations - Musikprotokoll im Steirischen Herbst '96" with Mitchell & Mitterer (ORF)
  • 1998: "Speakers corner" with Franz Hauzinger and Martin Siewert (Extraplatte)
  • 1999: "Missing a passage" (Label bleu)
  • 1999: "Alone again" with Lewis (Extraplatte)
  • 1999: "Outland" with Labore (Marge)
  • 2001: "Ghosts" with Celea, Liebman, Reisinger (Nightbirdmusic)
  • 2001: "Harry Pepl - Airmail" (Universal)
  • 2002: "Red White Red and sprinkeled" with Sokal, Puschnig, u. a. (Universal)
  • 2003: "Trio x 3" with Steve Lacy, Peter Herbert, et al. (hatOLOGY, HAT HUT)
  • 2003: "Fear death by water" with Tony Coe, Franz Koglman, et al. (between the lines)
  • 2004: "Part of Art. Complete Works" with Herbert Joos, Wolfgang Puschnig, et al. (Universal)
  • 2005: "Poison" mit Joachim Kühn & Jean Paul Celea (In & Out Records)
  • 2005: "Cousins Germains" with Michel Godard, Wolfgang Puschnig, et al. (C.A.M. Jazz)
  • 2006: "Refusion" with Liebman, Marc Ducret, Matthew Garrison, Céléa, Mitterer (Universal)

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