Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Instrument: piano, electronics

Hans Joachim Roedelius © Nadine Blanchard

Roedelius Hans-Joachim


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Qluster - Lauschen 2013 52m 20s
2 Qluster - Antworten 2012 50m 50'
3 Qluster - Fragen 2011 38m 34s
4 Qluster - Rufen 2011 45m 50s
5 Die Motesiczys 2006 1h 10m
6 Utopia of a tired man 1992
7 Des Pudels Kern 1992
8 Unsere Leidenschaft 1986
9 "Witness to War: Dr. Charlie Clements" - music for the documentary 1985
10 Durch die Wüste
11 Am Rockzipfel
12 Johanneslust
13 Glaubersalz
14 Mr. Livingstone
15 Regenmacher
16 Muy encantado
17 Bons jours - Buenos dias
18 Due, uno, tres
19 Mattgold
20 Der Mann aus Lodz - El hombre de Lodz
21 Albumblatt - Hoja de album
22 Hasta moderato
23 Solo-Monotonie I
24 Solo-Monotonie II
25 Conjunction
26 Lustwandel
27 Legende
28 Ansinnen
29 Betrachtung
30 Draußen vorbei
31 Harlekin
32 Von Ferne her
33 Vom Fliegen
34 Pirouette
35 Willkommen
36 Dein Antlitz
37 Langer Atem
38 Die andere Blume
39 Sinfonia contempora No. 1 - Von Zeit zu Zeit
40 Klopfzeichen
41 Kluster zwei Osterei
42 Kluster und Eruption
43 Cluster
44 Cluster II
45 Zuckerzeit
46 Sowiesoso
47 Cluster + Eno
48 After the Heat
49 Großes Wasser
50 Cluster 71 - Reprise
51 Curiosum
52 Apropos Cluster
53 One hour
54 Musik von Harmonia
55 Harmonia de luxe
56 Jardin au fou
57 Selbstportrait I
58 Selbstportrait II
59 Selbstportrait III
60 Wenn der Südwind weht
61 Offene Türen
62 Flieg Vogel flieg
63 Wasser im Wind
64 Gift of the moment
65 Like the whispering of the wind
66 Weites Land
67 Momenti felici
68 Fortress of love
69 Der Ohrenspiegel
70 Piano piano
71 Frühling
72 Friendly game
73 Cuando adonde
74 Tace!
75 Theatre works
76 To cover the Dark
77 Begegnungen I
78 Begegnungen II
79 Leben - Humming voices
80 Stille - Sounds of silence
81 Angels in the architecture
82 Roedelius, Alesini, Capanni
83 Sonora 4
84 Leicht gemacht
85 Change in delight
86 Comunque
87 Silent moments
88 Planet E - Vol. I
89 Cluster und Farnbauer
90 Roedelius
91 Lichtschriften - Hörspiel
92 Selfportrait VI
93 Selfportrait VII
94 Gras im Asphalt
95 Caleidoscope
96 Vom Nutzen der Stunden
97 Vom Nutzen der Stunden II
98 Musik wie Theater
99 Aquarello II
100 Musica dolce
101 Musica intima
102 Borges and I - Work in progress
103 Long Run
104 A Fascinating Man
105 Captured by Letters
106 The Old and the Young
107 Note to users - A detailed work overview is available on the website - see contact (entry at the request of the composer)

General Information

Date of Birth:  26. October 1934
Place of Birth:  Berlin


Hans-Joachim Roedelius was born in Berlin-Steglitz in 1934. His career began in an entirely different, non-musical environment: in Berlin he worked as a professional masseur and as a hospice nurse. In 1964 he made the decision to become an artist and started teaching himself onomatopoeia, tone poems and poetry. He first performed in coffee houses, factory halls, in HdK and the Academy for the Applied Arts in Berlin. The utilisation of electrically generated sound materials and various noises for musical purposes marked the beginning of his career. He joined the Fluxus movement whilst being a student of Josef Beuys and Conrad Schnitzler.


Other stations of his achievements are: Founding the groups "Plus/Minus","Geräusche" and "Per Sonare" in 1969. The founding of the first privately initiated communication centre of freelance artists in Berlin ("Zodiak") and co-founding of the group "Kluster" (together with the sculptor, painter and performance artist Konrad Schnitzler and the graphic artist, designer and musician Dieter Moebius). In 1970 he released his first album recordings, 1971-1996 titled "Cluster". From 1972-1976 he was a member of the group "Harmonia". Since 1977 he has collaborated with Brian Eno, Holger Czukay, and as of 1981, with Alexander Czjzek. In 1983 he collaborated with the "Teatro e Danza la Fenice" (Venice) and the American dancer and choreographer Caroline Carlsen. In 1989 he founded the "Pools" and "Treffpunkt Wien", just to mention a few of his many projects that also include film music as well as sound and space installations (for example "Psyche", a project made together with Gilbert Bretterbauer, a contribution to the 'Mobile Museum' of the Public Arts Lab Berlin).


He has given numerous concerts and lectures around the world and has created over 1000 works: poems and lyrics, three symphonies and many songs, which can be found on approximately 150 CD/LP releases under his name. The biography "Roedelius - Painting with Sound" by Steven Iliffe was published in 2003 at the Meridian Music Guides in London.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

graphic design and advertising

training as a masseur and state exam for physiotherapy


1961 - 1967

massage therapist and hospice nurse at the Charité Berlin


decision to become an artist; started teaching himself onomatopoeia, tone-poems and poetry


founding of the groups "Plus/Minus","Geräusche" and "Per Sonare"


first album-recordings

1972 - 1976

member of the group "Harmonia"


ever since cooperation with Brian Eno, Holger Czukay


ever since cooperation with Alexander Czjzek


cooperation with the "Teatro e Danza la Fenice" (Venice) and with the American dancer and choreographer Caroline Carlsen


founding of the "Pool" and of "Treffpunkt Wien" to support networking of musicians/composers


Kluster-tour in Tokyo, Osaka and various cities in the USA

honorary president of the festival "Moving Cultures"

freelance composer, musician, producer, poet, actor and dancer

initiator and artistic director of the symposium

numerous concerts and lectures inland and abroad; solo tours e.g. the USA-Indian Summer tour in 1999, Japan-tour in 2000, etc.

numerous sound- and space-installations

co-founder of the group "Kluster" (together with the sculptor, painter and performance-artist Konrad Schnitzler and with the graphic artist, designer and musician Dieter Moebius)

founding of the first privately initiated communication centre of freelance artists ("Zodiak")

member of the Fluxus-movement

Performances (Selection)



Festival Musica Visual Lanzarote


Nits de Musica (Miró Foundation Barcelona)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


recognition award for special achievements in the field of music


Baden culture award


Kaiser Friedrich III Medal for Cultural Services to the City of Baden

culture award of the Rotary Club in Baden


Description of Style

I am self taught and have developed my own musical language over 30 years as an active musician. I would define my music as electronic chamber music. The vocabulary of this language is mainly made up of electrically produced and manipulated sounds and tones. I also use all kinds of other fitting noises, integrate different samples, recycle fragments of other compositions and play with the tone material from the collection of classical instrumentations. I particularly focus on the piano. I do not write (and read) scores, I electronically draw them with a self taught procedure. I am an active accomplice in the new cultural awakening of the sixties and a representative of the vision that artistic activity equates a religious task or understands art as the twin sister of religion. I am also a co-founder of a school that designs sound from the given conditions of the moment.


Hans-Joachim Roedelius 1995/1996