Schwertberger Gerald


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 Sixpack 1 - for recorder and piano 2013
2 Tres Caminitos con Coco loco 2012 ~9
3 In Ruhe überdenken – und dann erst loslegen - for flute and piano 2012 ~5m
4 Fünf Stücke - for Violin, Cello and Piano 2011
5 Happy Music - Cello Trios 2010
6 In A Garden of Blues - for String Quartet 2010 ~20m
7 Lateinamerikanische Volkslieder 2010
8 Happy Music - Duos for Violin and Cello 2010
9 Question and Answers - for String Orchestra 2010
10 7 groovy duos - for 2 violins 2009 ~ 35m
11 2 Questions, 1 answer - for guitar and piano 2009 - 2010 8m 30s
12 3 nice pieces - for flute (or oboe) and guitar 2009
13 One and One - for Guitar Duo 2009
14 Anekdoten 2009
15 7 Akkordeon Häppchen 2009
16 Easy Winds Band 1-2 - sehr leichte, kurze Trios 2009
17 Kleine Gringo-Suite for Recorder Ensemble 2009
18 Zwei zu Eins - for Two Flutes and One Guitar 2009
19 Pieces for 3 and 4 Recorders 2009
20 Taktlosigkeiten - Bekannte Klavierstücke in neuem Gewand (Humor) 2008 - 2013
21 3 Pieces - for violin and guitar 2008
22 Hello Kitty! - Variationen über ein französisches Volkslied 2007
23 Kalimus - Musical 2005
24 Together - Easy Duets for Violin and Cello 2004
25 Tres Caminitos - Solostücke für den Unterricht 2002
26 Happy Hour Sandwich - for guitar and piano 1990
27 Steh mal auf, geh hinaus 1987
28 Misa Son 1982
29 St. Loretto-Messe 1972
30 Jugendmesse 1969
31 Herr, wir kommen 1969
32 8 Mini-Trios - for guitar trio 1967
33 Austrian Chicken International - 's Bibihenderl (österreichisches Volkslied) auf Reisen
34 Catchy Tunes - Play and improvise along with your Playback-CD
35 Cotton Blossom Suite - für Blockflötenquartett
36 Cuatro piezas para dos
37 Die Abenteuer der gestohlenen Geige - Ein musikalisches Märchen. 10 einfache Stücke für gemischtes Ensemble, Erzähler ad lib.
38 Die Synkopenfidel - Folk-Country-Music, Ragtimes, Spirituals, Blues und Jazz für Violine
39 Easy Guitar - Leichte Stücke für Gitarre
40 Easy Trumpet
41 Europa unterwegs - European Folk Songs
42 Fiesta latina für Blockflötenquartett - 8 lateinamerikanische Stücke
43 Flautas de los Andes - 18 Lieder und Tänze der Anden für 1 oder 2 Blockflöten und Gitarre
44 Flohwalzers Enkel - 47 sehr leichte bis leichte Klavierstücke
45 Glory Hallelujah - Spirituals, Jazz, Blues, Beat für Gitarre
46 Guitar Sounds
47 Happy Piano - Pop Sound Introduction. 52 kleine Übungs- und Vortragsstücke für Klavier
48 Hello Cello! - Folk, Blues, Pop, Jazz für 1 oder 2 Spieler
49 Klangwelt - Weltklang
50 La guitarra andina - Volksmusik der Anden. Solostücke für Gitarre
51 Latin America - Tango, Samba, Rumba, Bossa-nova für Gitarre
52 Mississippi-Suite - für 3 Blockflöten
53 Musik zum Kongress der Gartenzwerge - Streicheleinheiten für 3 Violinen und Violoncello
54 Pour Brigitte - Streicheleinheiten für 3 Violinen und Violoncello
55 Schwarzarbeit im Tastenland - 21 einfache Klavierstücke
56 Tastenglobus - 20 einfache Klavierstücke für die Reise um die Welt
57 Venezuela-Suite - Streicheleinheiten für 3 Violinen und Violoncello
58 Der Liederwurm
59 Der Bär is(s)t los! - Musical zur Aufführung durch Schüler, Kinder, Jugendliche
60 Kleines Trio
61 3 Tangos - Buenos aires con cucú
62 3 Tangos - Wilmas Feuertango
63 3 Tangos - Fleckerteppich-Tango
64 Sweet Samba - for Alto Recorder or other Melody Instrument and Piano (Jazzy Samba) ~4m
65 Amor sincopado - Vals Venezolano

General Information

Date of Birth:  2. April 1941
Place of Birth:  Gresten
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 
Date of Death:  8. February 2014
Place of Death:  Vienna


I received my first piano lessons at the age of eight. My main influence came from the music played on the radio, particularly jazz from the American army short-wave station AFN and ORF. At 17 I started as a (self-educated) bassist playing dance music and jazz in St. Pölten - together with Fritz Pauer, Fatty George, Rudi Wilfer. At the same time I studied history and German at the Vienna University and musical education at the Vienna Academy for Music. As of 1966 I worked as a teacher (German, music, guitar) and taught in Guatemala (Central America) from 1977-85. From 1985 until the end of 2001 I worked as a teacher for German as a foreign language. I am the author of several music education publications, such as the course book "KLANGWELT-WELTKLANG" (2 volumes). Internationally my guitar booklets are probably my best known publications.


Gerald Schwertberger, August 2007


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

since childhood partly taught and partly self-educated in piano, improvisation, composition, double bass, jazz and dance music


private lessons with Erika Dichler-Sedlacek

1961 - 1962
1961 - 1962

introduction to the 12-tone-play by Joseph Matthias Hauer

1961 - 1962

lessons with Prof. Fiala

1961 - 1966

music education for teaching at grammar schools

1961 - 1966
1961 - 1966

music theory

1961 - 1966

lessons with Wilhelm Hübner

1961 - 1966

lessons with Elisabeth Toncourt

1961 - 1966

musical folklore (Walter Deutsch)

1961 - 1966


1961 - 1966

music history

1961 - 1966

introduction to the music of the 20th century



from this time on jazz-musician a.o. with Fritz Pauer, Helmut Plattner, Fatty George, Rudi Wilfer, Albert Mair, as well as active with own amateur-groups (arrangements, double bass)

1966 - 1977

secondary school teacher for German, music education, guitar, choir

1977 - 1985

Instituto Austriaco-Guatemalteco, Guatemala Ciudad: substitute teacher for music and German, contact with the local music and school music scene, collaboration with Guatemalan music teachers and institutions, helped working on curricula and lecturing

1977 - 1985

traveled to most Latin American countries, increased focus on all kinds of Latin American music

1985 - 2001

preparation courses of the Viennese Universities: teaching German as a foreign language, development of teaching materials for current lessons

1985 - 2001

author of course books on music education (Klangwelt-Weltklang)

1995 - 1999

VÖSA (Association of Austrian School Book Authors): chairman until the association's dissolution

board member until the dissolution of the collecting society "Musikedition / Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von Rechten und Ansprüchen aus Musikeditionen reg. GenmbH" in 2007

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation/ORF and Diocese: Mass based on own texts


Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) and church radio broadcast: Mass, texts mostly by Alois Vergeiner


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Competition "Das Neue Lied": award-winner


Competition "Kinderlied des Jahres": 2nd Prize


1st Prize and audience-award


award for short-radio-plays




award for short-radio-plays

several prizes for composition with emphasis on education literature

Description of Style

I mainly write/wrote instrumental pieces for the most common teaching areas such as guitar, piano, recorder, strings and various ensemble constellations, but also songs (simple choir pieces) for church masses and two musicals based on my own texts.


Gerald Schwertberger, August 2007

Press Reviews


The Musikhaus Doblinger was looking forward to presenting a new series of publications on 11 November 1999, which consequently addressed the current demand in musical education. The piece for youth orchestra "Die Abenteuer der gestohlenen Geige", by one of the most successful composers for young people and music teacher Gerald Schwertberger, was presented as a manuscript, as well as a CD recording and stands at the beginning of the publication series ensemble music for variable instrumentation [...] The youth chamber orchestra divertimento Musicale under the committed direction of Susanne Heidrich, recorded Gerald Schwertberger's new orchestra piece, which will please all youth and amateur ensembles, on CD.

Musikerziehung (Karin Korp)



on "Folk Guitar":
These pieces were written to bridge the gap between classical guitar playing and what is expected of the instrument in the field of so called "light music". The pieces have the right feeling about them, [...] ideal for anyone commencing his second year of playing. They also have a lot to offer the teacher who is looking for something new and wishes to vary the material generally used in class.

Guitar (Hugh de Camilis) 



The Göttingen "Späteinsteiger", conducted by Wieland Ulrich, performed Schwertberg's "Kongreß der Gartenzwerge" (conference of the garden gnomes), an ingenious piece of funny music [...] humorously staged.




on "Latin America":
This is an absolute winner! Sixteen pages of genuinely easy tunes with strong Hispanic and Latin American flavour. Normally, guitarists attempting this idiom bump at once into quite tricky problems, but Schwertberger has a gift for offering an easy way into this attractive field. Every guitar teacher should have this up his sleeves. 



on "Easy Trumpet" (3 volumes)
An excellent introduction to the mysteries of syncopation and stylistic performance.

Music Teacher



We know Gerald Schwertberger because of his demanding and witty Mississippi suite for three recorders. Here, he has also composed six pieces for musical everyday life at school, [...] or set for recorder quartet. The publisher has had a wonderfully practical idea: [...] Furthermore, the parts are of different difficulty levels, in order to have every ensemble member take the part suitable for him/her. The pieces are relatively easy and will be played with enthusiasm.

Schweizer musikpädagogische Blätter (Andel Strube)



on "Guitar Sounds":
In my opinion, unmatched material for two guitars from the genres of Blues, Boogie, Folk, Swing and Samba.

Neue Musikzeitung (Gerald Nienaber)

Librettist of (Composition)

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