Herbert Willi
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Willi Herbert


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 ABBA-MA (Echo of Peace) 2011 6m
2 Sacrosanto 2011 - 2012 20m
3 The Echo of Peace 2010 5m
4 Hello and See you again 2008 13m
5 Äon - Hornkonzert aus dem Zyklus Montafon 2007 16m
6 ego eimi 2006 20m
7 Kairos im Kronos 1756 / 1956 2005 ~ 12m
8 ...geraume Zeit... - Konzert für Flöte (auch Piccolo und Altflöte), Oboe und Orchester (aus dem Zyklus "Montafon") 2002 15m
9 Eirene 2001 15m
10 Rondino 1999 16m
11 Begegnungen - für Orchester 1997 18m
12 Orchesterkomposition 1996
13 Schlafes Bruder - Oper 1995 ~ 1h 30m
14 Flötenkonzert 1993 15m
15 Trio für Violine, Horn und Klavier 1992 8m
16 Räume - für Orchester (Zur Erinnerung an Andrej Tarkowskij) 1991 11m
17 Messe 1991
18 Konzert für Orchester 1991 12m
19 Für 16 - Kleines Kammerkonzert 1990 12m
20 Werk für Flöte, Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello und Klavier 1990 11m
21 Der Froschmäusekrieg 1989 12m
22 Intrada - für 12 Blechbläser 1989 5m
23 Il Combattimento di Cecco e la sua Compagnia - per violoncello ed orchestra d'archi 1988 15m
24 Klavierstück XI 1987 8m
25 Stück für Flöte und Klavier 1987 12m
26 Aurora - Giove - für Orchester 1987 13m
27 Streichquartett 1986 1986 10m
28 Stück für Klarinette solo 1985 6m 20s
29 Stück für Flöte solo 1985 5m
30 Klaviertrio 1984 1984 12m
31 Quintett für Blechbläser - für 2 Trompeten, Horn und 2 Posaunen 1984 10m
32 Froher Gesang - Stück für Klarinette und Klavier 1983 12m 30s

General Information

Year of Birth:  1956
Date of Birth:  7. January 1956
Place of Birth:  Bludenz
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

Herbert Willi works as a freelance composer.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1983 - 1985



diploma composition and M.A.


further studies


meetings with Olivier Messiaen

graduation as M.A.

school music


Performances (Selection)


Teatro La Fenice


performances at several important opera and concert houses in Europe and America, as well as at festivals


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

state scholarship


state scholarship


prize winner at the string quartet contest


state scholarship


Körber Foundation: Rolf-Liebermann-Scholarship for opera composition


promotional/sponsorship award


composer in residence


UNESCO - International Rostrum of Composers: composer's prize for


composer in residence


Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and the Arts


Grand Decoration of Merit


composer in residence


composer in residence


recognition award

Description of Style

When I listen to my inner self, I can always hear music - all everyday influences leave their traces. For me, it is about freeing myself of them in silence, staying there, until a new shape, which becomes perceivable, visible, and audible, emerges from this situation.

Herbert Willi quoted after: Fuhrman, Axel: "Klänge aus der Stille", ÖMZ, 48 (1993), Booklet 6, p. 321

Press Reviews

8. February 2006


Willi is an impressive character. Close musical relations with other composers or styles are hardly perceivable.


Welser Rundschau



From a Galaxy far away
It would be almost upsetting to call Herbert Willi a composer, especially if the term composer is used to define a man who does what this term deriving from the Latin word "componere" (putting together) means, i.e. somebody who puts notes, themes, chords together in all kinds of ways under various aspects, often even piecing them together whilst obeying current stylistic ideas. Willi's music is created in a different way. The question is, whether his music is actually created like everything else, even the arts, or if his music has always existed and - in the disconcerting silence of his chosen loneliness in the mountains of Vorarlberg - copied and noted down into something that is generally audible. Therefore, the parameters of Willi's works are not to be looked for in the usual profession of creating music, but in the fields of sensation and cognition, which the Western arts and ways of thinking hardly remember, due to the dictatorship of rationalism.


Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien (Peter Vujica)

Discography, Projects


  • 2005: Eirene / Räume / ... geraume Zeit ... / Begegnung / Rondino. Wergo, WER 66732.
  • 1997: Neue Musik aus Österreich ORF CD 160.
  • 1994: Vienna Brass Fanfare for a new theatre, Extraplatte CD EX 208 094-2.
  • Herbert Willi Amadeo CD 431 077-2 (=Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart).
  • Casablanca CD CASA 007 (Edition Moderne).