Zabelka Mia


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Disembodied Spaces 2018
2 Vindobona Blues 2005
3 Paradox Paradise 1994
4 4 String Space 1994
5 S.A.T.T. - (Small And Tough Tech) 1994 46m
6 Possible Fruit 1993 ~ 55m 8s
7 Realtime - Ein Medienprojekt 1993 30m
8 The Virtual Violin - für Datasuit, Sampler, Synthesizer und Computer 1993
9 The Scratch of Your Lips 1993 ~ 3m
10 Chip Radio - Ein telematisches Radiowerk 1992 30m
11 Streichquartett im Cyberspace - für Violine, Violinroboter, Viola und Violoncello-Roboter 1992 46m
12 Three Songs 1991 22m
13 Phonische Fische - Computergesteuertes Klangprocessing für sechs Telephonapparate 1991 11m
14 The Solar Violin - für sonnenenergie-gesteuerte Violine 1991
15 Space Bodies - Ein interaktives Musiktheater für Violinisten und elektropneumatische Violine 1991 30m
16 Drahtvenuskörper - Radiokomposition 1990 29m
17 Die Hunde - Neun Gedichte von Konrad Bayer für Sprechstimme, Violine, diverse Kleininstrumente und große Trommel 1990 26m 22s
18 Herr Ober, zahlen bitte! - Sechs Gedichte von Erich Mandl 1990
19 Play Mozart - Klanginstallation unter Verwendung sieben verschiedener Mozart-Themen 1990
20 Ist Afrika Berlin Folge - Lecture Performance 1989 55m
21 One-Woman-Symphony 1989 55m
22 Brennpunkte 1989 34m 36s
23 Drahtvenuskörper - Hörwerk 1989 1h
24 Ardo - Klangskulptur 1989 6m 56s
25 Spurenatem 1988 5m 20s
26 Sonde 1988 6m 28s
27 Ekstatisch geruckt 1988 5m 57s
28 Innen Bewegt 1988 5m 22s
29 Laut & Töne 1988 45m
30 Steine 1988 11m 11s
31 Druckspuren 1988 7m 48s
32 Gegenüber Zone 1988 7m 12s
33 Raumstillen gefaltet 1988 3m 18s
34 Pulse tönen ... 1988 12m 12s
35 Duet Music 1988 30m
36 Bewegt - Erstarrt - Elektroakustische Performance 1988 ~ 1h 10m
37 The Well - Multimediale Performance 1988
38 Zungenschläge 1987 19m 34s
39 Maulwölfe 1987 7m 23s - 7m 53s
40 Ströme - Performance 1987 10m 27s
41 Saxophonstück 1987 8m 56s
42 Lichtwechsel - Fünf Gedichte von Peter Waterhouse 1987 7m 16s
43 Durchsichtig Bewegt - (Ricardo Mandolini, "Das Lied vom Wasser und Holz"), Bearbeitung für Tonband 1987 11m
44 Aura - Performance 1986 15m 46s
45 Karikaturen - Klavierzyklus 1986 6m 8s
46 Sandstrahlentrost - Performance 1986 12m
47 Pneuma - Tonbandkomposition 1986 4m 45s
48 Brücken - Performance 1986 10m 7s
49 Ende - Vier Gedichte von Elfriede Jelinek für Sopran und Klavier 1986 6m
50 Organarie 1986 1m 47s
51 Nachtmusik 1986 5m 34s
52 Somateme - Elektroakustische Performance für Violine, Altsaxophon, Kontaktmikrophone und Tonband 1986 ~ 1h
53 Dinosaur-Sex 1m 14s

General Information

Year of Birth:  1963
Date of Birth:  21. September 1963
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Country of Birth: 


Mia Zabelka is a sound artist, composer as well as an experimental violinist and vocalist from Vienna, with Czech, Jewish and French familiar background. Comprehensively educated in classical music from early age on, she continued to construct and explore the limits of sound and music in a language entirely her own, based on the de- and reconstruction of the violin's sonic possibilities, expanding the range of the instrument using live electronic devices, preparing it through the insertion of alien objects between or on the strings and innovative performance techniques.


Since her first release SOMATEME on Berlin's Edition RZ, Mia Zabelka has continuously explored sound and music as physical phenomena, always pushing back the boundaries in experimental performances and compositions that question established notions, improving the available techniques and given structures. The violin and her own voice and body are transformed in the process into sound bodies which are at once organic and primal, screaming, lyrical, composed and explosive.
She has collaborated with a string of exciting artists from around the world, such as Robin Rimbaud, Pauline Oliveros, Electric Indigo, Dälek, Lydia Lunch, Elliott Sharp, Phill Niblock, John Zorn, John Russell, Maggie Nicols and Philippe Petit.


She has given concerts and performances at many Festivals throughout Europe, America and Asia. Numerous CD, vinyl and video releases. Recipient of highly regarded prizes (3-time winner of the Prix Ars Electronica) and awards, she was a guest of the DAAD's (German Academic Exchange Service's) international artists' programme in Berlin and the Fulbright Commission in New York.


Recently MIA ZABELKA was awarded THE AKADEMIA Music Award 2018 in the category "experimental music" for her composition "For Pauline Oliveros", the Outstanding Tour support by Music Export Austria 2016 and the Outstanding Artist award by the BKA Federal Chancelley of Austria 2015 in the category "sound art in the public space".


In 2017, the Solo album "Cellular Resonance" was released on the British label LCR, which received numerous enthusiastic reviews. Until 2017 Mia Zabelka was the artistic director of Phonofemme Festival Vienna and since 2008 she is the artistic direcotr of Klanghaus Untergreith in the region of South Styria.


Source: Homepage of Mia Zabelka, July 2018


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1970 - 1986
1970 - 1986
1982 - 1988

musicology, journalism (Walter Pass)

1985 - 1989

course in electro-acoustics

1985 - 1989


1985 - 1989



masters degree (Mag. phil)

1989 - 1990

participated in the international artists' programme

studies of "Audio Art" (Alvin Curran, Pauline Oliveros)

study visits to Cologne and New York


1987 - 1988

work at the electronic studio

1987 - 1988

"Composer in residence" at the art station St. Peter

1987 - 1988

numerous concerts and performances in Europe, USA, former Soviet Union

1989 - 1990

work at the electronic studio

1991 - 1992



Warsaw Radio: work at the electronic studio

1994 - 1995



founding of the association "cbb-projects" for the production of intermedia projects in intercultural space together with Andres Bosshard and Karin Schorm

1995 - 2000

curator, artistic director and developer of the media- and sound-architecture


development, production and artistic director of "Engelspfad", as part of "Osterklang" (together with cbb-projects)


curator of the music-salon


founding of the cultural and cultural association "enterprise z" for the realization of intermedial and experimental projects in public spaces


founding of "Colophony Circuit" with Electric Indigo


founding of the Mia Zabelka One Night Band, together with Zahra Mani


ever since artistic director of the Klanghaus Untergreith in Sankt Johann / Saggautal

2009 - 2017

artistic director of "phonoFemme Vienna"

2010 - 2012

artistic director of the international network project "PHONART- the lost languages of Europe", funded by the EU-programme 2007-2013, in cooperation with cultural partners in Czech Republique, Croatia and Serbia


intermedia project "Under the Radar" in cooperation with the Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe


ever since president of SFIEMA (Society for Free Improvisation and Experimental Music Austria)


ever since board member of IG Kultur Steiermark


ever since member of the Arbeitskreis für Neue Musik

2016 - 2017

over 30 concerts in England, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Romania, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Croatia, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark with financial support of Austrian Music Export

2016 - 2018

project-leader of the international network project "Echoes from Invisible Landscapes" co-funded by the EACEA Creative Europe Program 2016-2018

development of new improvisational techniques on the violin

cooperation a.o. with John Zorn, David Moss, Franz Hautzinger, Martin Siewert, Phil Minton, Shelley Hirsch, Fernando Grillo, Elliott Sharp, Wolfgang Mitterer, Francis Marie Uitti, Fred Frith, Manon Liu Winter, John Russell, Phill Niblock, Maggie Nicols - furthermore with DJs and electronic musicians such as Chra, I-Wolf (Wolfgang Schlögl), DJ Still, Dälek, Gerhard Potuznig, Rupert Huber, Robin Rimbaud and Electric Indigo etc.

numerous concerts and composition assignments in Europe, the USA and Asia

numerous CD- and video-publications, a.o. with Extraplatte, Monotyperecords, Trost, Creative Sources, FMR, LCR Records

Performances (Selection)


Festival Synthèse Bourges


Frankfurt Feste


Documenta Kassel


Museum of Modern Art Vienna


New Music America


Österreich heute


Intermediale Munich


Kontraste Linz


Kunsthaus Graz


Mediale Hamburg


Galerie Stadtpark Krems


De Ijsbreker Amsterdam

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Foundation Academy of Arts in Berlin

New Music America

The Kitchen



De Ijsbreker Amsterdam


other commissions a.o. by Incubate Festival, Störung Festival Barcelona, FLUSSI Festival, CTM Festival Berlin, Blow Out Festival Oslo, Rewire Den Haag


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

International Competition for Electro-Acoustic Music "Luigi Russolo": appreciation award


recognition award


scholarship for working at the electronic studio of the Cologne Music Academy


International Competition "Forum junger Komponisten" of the Society for New Music Cologne and West German Broadcasting Corporation: first prize


composer in residence at the art station St. Peter


guest of the Berlin artist programme




scholarship for New York


The American Biographical Institute: Woman of the Year Degree


International Composition Competition of the West-German Broadcasting Corporation "Forum junger Komponisten"


recognition award


Prix Ars Electronica: Second Prize


"Outstanding Artist award 2015" in the category “sound art in the public space”


Outstanding Tour Support by Austrian Music Export


1st award "The Akademia Music Award" in the category "experimental music" for "For Pauline Oliveros"

Description of Style

It seems to be a musical dogma of the past decades to put the sound itself in the center of attention. For Mia Zabelka this is only one of many alleged rules that she simply ignores. In her art, movement, language, image, body, violin, voice and machine are all parts of a whole. This diversity of characters are not compositionally forced into a dialogue, but are released in a field of interaction. An eroticism of distance, a precision in the indefinable, a provocation in the predictable can be identified as some of the characteristic moves that Mia Zabelka uses when making, reacting to, improvising music. And - perhaps this is where the essence lies - she treats everything in the same way: when movement, violin and machine have to remain what they are, in order to become what they could be, when Mia Zabelka's sound theater of the private room turns into a space for relations and connections, when "Space Bodies" interact through music theater.


Christian Scheib in: echoraum [Program catalog], 11/1992. - p. 36


Mighty mistress of the contemporary violin takes you further into the sound with malstrom. Mia Zabelka is a wondrous violinist who takes adventurous journeys into uncharted musical territories.


Pauline Oliveros (USA)


Mia Zabelka's work is visceral, cerebral and sensual. A gorgeous, haunting sound which employs classical interpretation and experimental improvisation to transcend musical genres, creating a sonic surround uniquely her own. She inhabits a sonic universe lush with soul cleansing vibrancy.


Lydia Lunch (USA)

Press Reviews


A sound that, due to its unconventional character, is truly out of the ordinary: with her new album "CellularResonance" MIA ZABELKA has once again proven it is possible to consistently rise above the musical norm. On "Celluar Resonance" Mia Zabelka dives into the world of noise, giving that world an entirely new form in the process. There is a deeply musical structure beneath the surface of overdriven distortion, hints of melodies and dense sound-walls. Repetitive patterns fold into wild improvisations creating mysterious oscillations that almost hypnotically draw the listener into their depths. This violinist has created a mystical musical drama in which the stage is set by the constant variation between powerful, roiling, soundscapes and absolute minimalism. The music created by Mia Zabelka on "Cellular Resonance" develops an incredibly dense atmosphere that unfolds into an almost futuristic acoustic state. 

Austrian Music Export (Michael Ternai) 



Live in concert, Austrian violinist Mia Zabelka is an electrifying performer, whether appearing solo or with others. In any context, she has the uncanny knack of commanding the stage and always being the centre of an audience's attention, achieved by the intensity and focus of her performances, rather than any gratuitous showmanship […]. 

All about Jazz (John Eyles)



Acoustic "preserves" like these are an excellent, manageable and transportable documentation of contemporary music projects that take us on simple journeys into mostly unseen but nonetheless legendary performance locations and clubs such as, in this case, London's Vortex Jazz Club in June 2011. This is the very location, St. Barnabas Church, where Trio Blurb had their first encounter in September 2010 in the context of the free-spirited Styrian / British festival "Alpenglow II". A sonic sculpture of voices and strings is formed before the open ears of the fascinated audience. Here, Mia Zabelka, the violinist (and vocal artist, as can be heard here) who lives in Austrian South Styria, first met the English vocalist Maggie Nicols and her countryman John Russell on the guitar and together they plunged into deep layers of sound, seeking and probing, sorting and contemplating, acting and reacting in an ongoing dialogue. The vocal cords and the strings of the trio’s instruments are transformed into friction surfaces, the sounds swell and ebb away in tense, compact and concentrated improvisatory arches, influenced too by the inspiring presence of a live audience. 


Discography, Projects

Discography, projects:

  • 2017: "Cellular Resonance" (LCR Records)
  • 2016: "The Broken Glass, Mia Zabelka + Asferico" (Störung)
  • 2016: "The Honey Pump, Mia Zabelka + Nicola L. Hein" (FMR)
  • 2015: "Monday Sessions, Mia Zabelka Solo" (Creative Sources)
  • 2014: "Medusa's Bed" (Mono Monotyprecords)
  • 2013: "Trio Blurb" (CD Extraplatte)
  • 2012: "Weird tales and elegant motion" (Mono Monotyprecords)
  • 2011: "M, Mia Zabelka Solo" (Mono Monotyprecords)
  • 2008: "Mia's Factory" with DJ Still, I-Wolf, Zahra Mani, Electric Indigo, Dorit Chrysler, Tina Frank Trost (CD Delphy Entertainment Rekords)
  • 2008: "es spielt mich-die musik der mia zabelka", a film by Ulrike Schmitzer and Matthias Wildter (DVD
  • 2007: "Embodiment", Mia Zabelka One.Night.Band (CD Extraplatte)
  • 2004: "Post Paradise" mit Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran & One.Night.Band (CD Angellab)
  • 2003: "Panta Rhei" (CD Angellab)
  • 2000: "Angels als Pilots", Engelspfad, with Olga Neuwirth, Franzobel, Otto M. Zykan, Gerhard Potuznik, Boris Kovac, Hildegard Knef, a.o. (CD Angellab)
  • 1996: "Extrajazz 95/96 und The Music of Extraplatte" (CD Extraplatte)
  • 1993: "Possible Fruit" with John Zorn, David Moss, Jone Rose, Ferdinand Richard, Peter Holliger, Fritz Novotny, a.o. (CD Extraplatte)
  • 1991: "Brennpunkte", ed. Michael Frauenlob Bauer (Video VHS)
  • 1989: "Bewegte Töne" (CD Media)
  • 1989: M.Z. and Acting Aeven: "Babel" (LP Viennola)
  • 1988: "Elektronische Musik. 2. Tonband und ...", Sandstrahlentrost (LP Amadeo)
  • 1987: "Somateme - Körperklänge" (LP Teldec)

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