Christof Dienz
Instrument: bassoon

Photographer: Christoph Walder ©

Dienz Christof


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Der Fliegende 2017
2 Soma 2015 - 2016
3 Kleines Stück für Kontrabass solo 2014
4 Bass surface 2014
5 Airlines 2014
6 "Luke, der letzte wilde Hund am Yukon" - music for the film 2013
7 Jittering Ballad 2012
8 "Der Sturm" - music for the theatre play 2012
9 "Exhaustibility" - music for the film 2012
10 Arbeit, Erinnerung, Zukunft 2011
11 Analog signals - concert for trumpet and orchestra 2011
12 "Caterina & Fred" - music for the film 2011
13 Swing 2010
14 Stubenmusik 2010
15 "Hens & Forks" - music for the theatre play 2010
16 Juschroa 2009
17 ...Brachen Goldrosen... 2009
18 Hey Driver, Cool Down The H's 2008
19 Das Gespräch der Hunde 2008
20 Wald hallt 2008
21 Das Gespräch der Hunde 2008 - 2009
22 2007
23 Amplifly 2007
24 Die vertauschten Köpfe - short opera based on a text by Radek Knapp 2004
25 die wurst (die noodle!) 1995 4m 9s
26 roll- & rockkragen 1995 3m 10s
27 chinese lanterns 1995 5m 13s
28 es war einmal im erdbeerland ... 1995 7m 7s
29 fast food in A 1995 3m 10s
30 noticknotock 1995 4m 15s
31 seifenblasen im mondschein 1995 1m 28s
32 dschungellied 1995 3m 52s
33 Knödelpolka 1993 ~ 1m 35s
34 In die Ribisl 1993 2m 56s
35 Landler 1993 1m 45s
36 Kein Boarischer 1993 3m 23s
37 Vielfacher 1993 1m 42s
38 Walzer 1993 3m 14s
39 Jodeling 1993 2m 50s
40 Quertanz 1993 2m 14s
41 Triet Bull 1993 2m 49s
42 Mit der 42er 1993
43 Jet Polka 1993 2m 40s
44 Zgoing
45 Hatschen, Bratschen, Luftballon
46 Kaufhausmusik
47 Quentin
48 Concertino piccolississimo
49 Popm...
50 Wandern mit Eugene
51 Im Inneren des Orgon-Akkumulators
52 felder - für zither-solo und loopgenerator
53 Funky Heinzei
54 Duo
55 8 Polaroids
56 Choral 2000
57 3 Wiener Lieder
58 Messe für alle
59 Ich hab noch nie geküsst
60 Pyromen
61 Mäerz
62 Malmen
63 Gischt - oder die Sehnsucht nach Mehr
64 Mob-Concertino für Bläserensemble und Blaskapelle
65 Drei Herren - [music for the film]
66 Die Hund sind schuld - [music for the film]
67 Ausgeliefert - [music for the film]
68 und immer wieder cordoba... - [Hörspielmusik]

General Information

Year of Birth:  1968
Place of Birth:  Innsbruck
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Christof Dienz spent his childhood in Kitzbühel and visited a music school in Innsbruck. During his time at school, he already made his first compositions for fellow schoolmates. After his move to Vienna in 1989, he took on various jobs, such as putting up posters or working as a bar keeper before he began to study bassoon. Since 2000, Dienz has been working as a freelance bassoonist and composer. Furthermore, since 2002, his solo program "Dienz zithered" (zither and loop-generator) exists.


Christof Dienz is a musician who is able to continuously reinvent himself. The Tyrolean musician seems to know no fear when it comes to finding new musical fields. Rather than searching for new forms of expression, and driven by an experimental nature, he chooses instead to create his very own language of sound.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1991 - 1999


1992 - 2000

manager and composer of the ensemble

1997 - 2000



composer in residence


featured artist


theater music for "Der Sturm"

freelance composer and bassoon player

art director of fmRiese - forward music festival

collaborations among others with marc ribot, zeena parkins, terry bozzio, dj dsl, 
wolfgang puschnig, thomas larcher, klaus dickbauer, lorenz raab, rupert huber, hannes strobl, herbert pirker, matthias pichler and many more

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation



Pasticcio-Award for the CD "Dienz zithered"


composer in residence


SKE annual scholarship


promotional award


artist in residence


award for artistic works

Description of Style

This is basically the desire that I have in contemporary music: that it is stronger to perceive intuitively and physically, that it is easier to absorb and does not require a lot of intellect and professional qualification to listen to - and this is done using pulse and rhythm. This is an attitude that is not really en vogue in contemporary music. I simply have access to many different scenes, something I consider as valuable. This is what distinguishes me ultimately.


Christof Dienz 2006, quoted after an interview in "Concerto 2006/1"

Press Reviews

23. September 2003

Christof Dienz, who - as a musician - stylistically runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds, is a self-confessed pyromaniac. But instead of lighting hay barns, he likes composing music. His piece "Pyromen" gave the Bruckner Orchestra Linz the opportunity to perform amorphous , virtuoso plays of colour - from the first spark over a serious fire up to ash and smoke.


Die Presse (Walter Weidringer) 



This festival's biggest surprise seems to have been the world premiere of "Pyromen"; a piece, in which the play on colour and shades of the natural phenomenon of fire is set into music by a dazzlingly divert instrumentation, without Dienz ever making use of platitudinous image metaphors.

Neue Musikzeitung

Discography, Projects

2011: "Quadrat:sch Stubenmusic" (col legno)

Performer of (Composition)

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