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Gradwohl Gerald

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Year of Birth:  1967
Date of Birth:  15. April 1967
Country of Birth: 

When talking about the international fusion scene, the name Gerald Gradwohl is sure to arise. He is known for having remained true to his musical roots, which lie in rocky jazz with strong funk and fusion influences, performed in his own unique virtuosic way.

Gerald Gradwohl became internationally known through his participation in Threeo and Tangerine Dream, visited festivals and toured all over the world.


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Diplomstudium in Jazzgitarre, abgeschlossen mit ausgezeichnetem Erfolg



Lehrauftrag für Jazzgitarre

1993 - 1998

Lehrer für E-Gitarre

Referent für Gitarre


ever since head of jazz department

Zusammenarbeit mit Threeo, The Powergrade, Tangerine Dream, Sandra Pires, Humphrey Bogatsch & Die Funkberater, Hot Pants Road Club, Supervamp, Wolfgang Lindner Hallucination Company, Tietzes Bill Ramsey, Billy Jenkins, Andi Baum, Hansi Lang, Sisters of Ou!, Rick Margitza, Viktor Gernot, Bob Berg, Universum, Sony, Theater der Jugend, Christina Zurbrügg, Andy Borg, Starmania, und viele mehr

Performances (Selection)


weltweit Konzerte und Festival-Autritte, zB Wiesen, Montreal, Madrid, Mexico, Warschau, Washington

Press Reviews


If ZZ Top played fusion music, this is what it would sound like. This is jazz-rock boogie of the highest order. No wine drinking for fans of this trio. It's all about the beer."KiWa Walk" is a power track. Gradwohl is sort of a heavy fusion-era Jeff Beck. His chords are thicker and more jazz influenced, but his soloing, harmonic sense and calculated use of his whammy bar owe a nod to Beck in some way. Lackner and Al-Shami rock the house on this number as well. Lackner's bass is a throbbing monster. Al-Shami has the groove locked down tight and has thrown away the key. All three players know that even this type of music has nuances. They display that knowledge every time they pause for a beat or two to change direction. No cheese for listeners of this music. Pass the chips.


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