Huber Rupert W.M.


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 "Food Design" - music for the film 2009
2 radiotopia 2002
3 Mantilla Matador 2001 9m 16s
4 plakatieren verboten 2001
5 a movement in the waitingroom 2001
6 "Swimmers in the desert" - music for the film 2001
7 Why sync? 1999
8 das schweigen der engel 1999
9 zwiegespräch über den anschein 1999
10 dialog nr. 2 1999
11 censoratorium 1998
12 Reisen in Deutschland 1998
13 Dawn 1998
14 trance bakxai 1997
15 Applaus 1996 3m 30s
16 black box 1996 5m
17 Klangschnupfen 1996 50m
18 Tosca II 1996
19 Memetic Flesh 1996 54m 22s
20 Anna Blume 1996 8m 20s
21 13.11. 1996
22 Applaus, Flugstunde 1996
23 Live Ambient Radio Improvisation 1995 48m
24 Horizontal Radio 1995 24m
25 Taxis - LiveRadio/InternetEvent 1995 40m
26 Tosca 1995 ~ 18m 45s
27 Darb-i Fetih 1995 20m
28 gemmagemma 1994
29 Conphus 1994
30 Zeitgleich plus, Zeitgleich minus 1994
31 Egon hingegen 1994
32 die sieben Kristallkugeln 1994 17m 20s
33 30 Jahre bei VW 1994 4m 49s
34 C 1994 1m 27s
35 Zwischenspiel 1994 2m 11s
36 Meine Stiefel! 1994 1m 40s
37 M/M1/M2 1994 4m 54s
38 Woalau - nicht schuldig 1994 2m 34s
39 Geständnis 1994 45m
40 Gestossen 1994 1m 30s
41 Das Volk singt nicht mit 1994 5m 11s
42 Amabed 1994 4m 28s
43 Zeitgleich 1994 20m
44 vermassle das Geschäft nicht Phrank! 1993 5m 37s
45 es gibt nix zu gewinnen 1992
46 keine Angst vor Haien 1989

General Information

Year of Birth:  1967
Date of Birth:  1. December 1967
Place of Birth:  Mödling
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Huber lives and works in Vienna as a freelance composer. By including space and other electronic/psychological projections of a musical/aural content into his compositions, Rupert Huber developed "dimensional music" as a musical format which underlies all his musical works. He writes music for film, TV and signations. With the duo "Tosca" he has sold over half a million records worldwide. Piano music and sound installations in public spaces are the main areas of Huber's interests.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1987 - 1997

musicology (Franz Födermayr)

1989 - 1992

electro-acoustic music

1989 - 1992



various courses and seminars in computer music and sound art



founder of the duo, several released albums, over one million sold CDs worldwide, international live shows


composer and curator of "Horizontal Radio"


composer and curator of "Radiotopia"


jury member of Prix Ars Electronica


jury member of Prix Ars Electronica

2009 - 2010

jury member of the Austrian Music Fund (Österreichischer Musikfonds)


founder of the Duo "L/O/N/G" (with Chris Eckman)


release with "The Walkabouts"

founder of his own recording studio

compositions and their realization on paper, stage, in the recording studio, in actual and electronic space

piano music and sound installations in public spaces

composer and curator of musical networkd: e.g. Berliner Theorie

project-based cooperation with Andrea Sodomka

numerous cooperations with artists (e.g. Gabriel Orozco, Robert Adrian x)

ongoing cooperation with Richard Dorfmeister and Sam Auinger

specializes in games with voices, piano and live electronics

freelance composer

Performances (Selection)


Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

score for Centre Pompidou ("Sonic Process")


score for "Private Exile"


score for "Freuds verschwundene Nachbarn"


numerous signations for the ORF

score for "CSI Miami"

score for "Sex And The City"


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Berlin scholarship


Austrian Amadeus Award for Tosca (Category: best pop/rock group)


nomination for "World Technology Award" in New York City

recognition award

promotional award

cultural award

Description of Style

Person meets person, one of them plays the violin, the other one listens. The electric sound reproduction enriches this spatial and temporal unit to another extent. The image disappears in the content, the icon is born. musical origin, the development and its fading away is an individual construction. An interlocking of spaces, the symbiosis of projected and actual reality arises. Individual time is relative, 2 people create a superior timeline. If one time partner turns into a phantom, a relativity of this superior time scale emerges. The unitary timeline falls apart, the transferred time turns into acoustic space.
Around us it is so loud that a perception directed exclusively to the music is not possible. Music has to share the room with cars, airplanes, with often no longer heard sounds like the buzzing, chirping and twittering of many of electronic devices, with announcements from speakers, radios, the squeaking of the subway. It doesn't have to be able to assert itself in a non-predictable noise environment. The soundproof windows closes: the ancient method, to build the own world by definition and disposition ... the music can not flee, it has to be where people are, is attached to humanity, if alone, it does not exist.
The soundproof window closes: the ancient method of building an own world by definition and disposition ... the music can not escape, it has to be where people are, attached to humanity, it does not exist alone.
Music elapses and life fades away. The vertical and horizontal axis of the notation is extended by a spatial one; saying, what is happening, rather than bringing it to sound, this is how I imagine a personal variation from hell.


Rupert W. M. Huber

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