Patricia Jünger
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Instrument: piano, organ

Jünger Patricia


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Transmitter 1 - First to second Nature (Wasser) 1997
2 Transmitter 2 - First to second Nature (Feuer) 1997
3 Transmitter 3 - First to second Nature (Erde) 1997
4 Transmitter 4 - First to second Nature (Luft) 1997
5 Poem & Metapoem 1997
6 Raskolnikow 1997
7 Rimbaud Dead 1997
8 Die Landschaften der Ergebung 1996
9 Indoor - Outdoor 1996
10 Solo für Lautsprecher 1996
11 Transmitter 1996 ~ 1h 1m 29s
12 A wild patience has taken me this far 1996 20m
13 Encore des chiffres 1995 38m
14 Island/Departure/Island 1995 41m
15 Music for an imaginary ballet 1995
16 Oceanographics 1995 34m 40s
17 Einsam und sagt es auch 1995 - 1996
18 Valse rituelle 1994 8m 2s
19 Ionian White 1993 25m
20 Till the end of the bow and again 1993 29m 33s
21 Voix, Rhythms et Chants simultanes 1992 35m
22 Transposed Environment 1990 39m
23 Messa dei padroni 1990 32m
24 Valse eternelle - Ein Brief 1989 37m
25 Heller Schein 1988 28m
26 Warten auf ein Wunder 1988 25m
27 Die Klavierspielerin 1988 1h
28 Die Klavierspielerin 1988 ~ 1h 10m
29 The Pattern is only Resemblance 1988 33m 49s
30 Als könnten wir uns einrichten 1987 10m
31 Zeitläufig 1986 18m
32 B-Ton-Transit 1986 16m 34s
33 Between constant and instant 1986 19m 5s
34 Sehr geehrter Herr 1986 37m 9s
35 Erziehung eines Vampirs 1986 25m
36 Machines Party 1985 35m
37 Va banque 1985 21m
38 Alban Berg hört Wimbledon 1984 13m 41s
39 Muttertagsfeier oder Die Zerstückelung des weiblichen Körpers 1984 33m 12s
40 Über allen Wipfeln ist Ruh 1984 11m
41 Etude on getting crazy 1983 12m
42 Water Walk 1983 20m
43 Oh you my sweet evening star 1982 25m
44 Poem 1981 6m
45 Vibrazioni 1981 17m
46 Balances 1981 10m
47 The last round up 1980 23m
48 Images des beaux temps - music for the film 1980 43m 52s
49 Evocations 1979 12m
50 Gesang des Poseidon 1979 20m
51 Sieg der Weichseln 1979 5m
52 Fourberie 1978 5m
53 Articulations 1978 7m
54 Symphonie vom Tod 1978 43m
55 Poem & Metapoem
56 La retardée
57 Wie schön wirst du dann träumen
58 Y siempre vuelve la luz
59 Feu sur feu
60 Petersburger Blutsonntag
61 Till the end of the bow

General Information

Year of Birth:  1951
Date of Birth:  6. August 1951
Country of Birth: 
Nationality:  ,

Patricia Jünger was born in an airplane on the way from Dublin to Vienna, during a stop-over in Frankfurt am Main. She is of Austrian and Swiss nationalities. She studied composition, piano, organ and conducting in Vienna, Frankfurt am Main and Paris. In 1977, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to composition. Emancipation has always been a pivotal topic to Patricia Jünger, and she is convinced that compositions should also bear social and/or political relevance. She therefore counts Luigi Nono and Hanns Eisler as two of her role models, for they are known as "political" composers and musicians, even though they belong to another musical tradition. Other composers who are important to Patrica Jünger are Claude Debussy, Edgar Varèse and Arnold Schönberg. She has often worked with Nobel Prize laureate Elfriede Jelinek, and she composed "Muttertagsfeier oder Die Zerstückelung des weiblichen Körpers (1984), the music for the radio play "Erziehung eines Vampirs" (1986) and the one-act opera "Die Klavierspielerin" (1988) based on the novel of the same name by Elfriede Jelinek. In 1986 she was distinguished as the first composer with the renowned Karl Sczuka Prize of the South-German Broadcasting Corporation Baden-Baden for the piece "Sehr geehrter Herr - ein Requiem".
Patricia Jünger lives and works as a freelance artist near Basel.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation



studies of conducting

studies of composition, piano, organ and conducting

studies of composition

studies of composition, piano, organ and conducting



since then working as a freelance composer

frequent collaborations with Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

award winner


promotional award


Paul-Sacher-Foundation/Basel: scholarship




state scholarship for composition


state scholarship for composition


Office of the Government of Kantons Aargau (Switzerland): one-year-work-scholarship




state scholarship for composition


Deutsche Akademie der Darstellenden Künste, Bensheim: radio play awards

Faber-Castell: promotional award

Frankfurt Academy of Arts: distinction

Paul-und-Käthe-Schmidt-Foundation, Berlin: scholarship

Description of Style

Dissolution of boundaries, explosion, energies not only intended for the head listening and its parts, also for the skin and for the hair, metabolism of wavelengths, audibilities, which the ear cannot take away from the self, sounding morphologies, astonishment, confusion, infatuation, losing one's balance: music.


Patricia Jünger, 1997

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