Otto Lechner
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Instrument: accordion

Lechner Otto


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Intro 1999
2 En passant 1999 4m 11s
3 Fußnote 1999
4 Etui 1999
5 Nana 1999
6 Tulpensalat 1999
7 Flucht 1999
8 Hauch 1999
9 Netzwerk 1999 2m 50s
10 Zirkus 1999
11 Balkon 1999
12 Pendel 1999
13 Trottoir 1999
14 En passant II 1999 2m 1s
15 Futteral II 1999

General Information

Year of Birth:  1964
Date of Birth:  25. February 1964
Region of Birth: 
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Otto Lechner's music is characterized by rural moods that have been believed to be long lost. It is a journey to places that you have never seen before, accompanied by the feeling of knowing these places for a long time. "I always prefer the styles which focus on improvisation and so it should come as no surprise that I was named a jazz pianist by some contemporaries. In the mid-eighties I rediscovered the instrument of my childhood - the accordion. In my attempt to make the tortured and cliché depraved accordion an instrument of my music, dissonances are unfortunately inevitable."



accompanist of the cabaret artist Josef Hader

compser and musician for theater productions (including Burgtheater Vienna, Schillertheater Berlin)

director of Otto's Jazz Ensemble

collaborations and performances with Accordion Tribe, Broadlahn, Vienna Raï Orchester sowie Iva Bittova, Georg Danzer, Max Nagl, Sainkho Namtchylak, Wolfgang Reisinger, Dhafer Youssef and Joe Zawinul

perfomance concepts of combining literature and music, together with his partner Anne Bennent

Discography, Projects


  • 2007: Otto Lechner: Franz Kafka. Nicht einmal gefangen (Mandelbaum)
  • 1994: Otto Lechner: Accordeonata (Extraplatte)

Duo and Ensemble

  • 2011: Otto Lechner und Arnaud Méthivier: The Cyklop And I. (Cristal Records)
  • 2007: Otto Lechner und Arnaud Méthivier: Arnottodrom
  • 2006: Otto Lechner, Klaus Trabitsch & die Bethlehem All Stars: Still (Windhund Records)
  • 2000: Peter N. Gruber und Otto Lechner: Fis (Extraplatte)
  • 2001: Peter N. Gruber und Otto Lechner: Die Lilie (Extraplatte)
  • 2001: Otto Lechner, Klaus Trabitsch & die Bethlehem All Stars: Fürchtet Euch nicht. Konzertaufnahmen im Orpheum & Vindobona (Windhund Records)
  • 1998: Otto Lechner, Wolfgang Puschnig, Achim Tang, Dhafer Youssef: Hot Room (Extraplatte)
  • 1995: Das 1. strenge Kammerorchester (RST-Records)

With Anne Bennent:

  • 2011: Otto Lechner und Anne Bennent: Leila und Madschnun. Von Nizami, mit Ensemble (Mandelbaum)
  • 2010: Otto Lechner und Anne Bennent: Die Stimmen von Marrakesch. Von Elias Canetti (Mandelbaum)
  • 2008: Otto Lechner und Anne Bennent: Der Gruftwächter. Nach einer Erzählung von Franz Kafka (mandelbaums bibliothek der töne)
  • 2001: Otto Lechner und Anne Bennent: gwundrig. Geschichten von Robert Walser (Extraplatte)

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