Pendl Hannes

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Date of Birth:  14. March 1953
Place of Birth:  Feldbach
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risk-taker - instrumental music



composer and soprano saxophone player

founding and head of his own ensemble "Hannes Pendl & Ensemble"

Performances (Selection)


Alte Synagoge St. Pölten

Castle of Rapottenstein

Arena of the Castle of Finkenstein

Haydn-Society Hainburg

Concerts in the Castle of Goldegg

performances and concerts in Rome, Sarajevo, Mostar, Osijek, Bratislava

Press Reviews

Hannes Pendl, a composer whose music reflects the spirit of the time and yet sounds beautifully , whose music defies the conventional styles and yet is rooted in tradition. 

Offene Grenzen, Ö1 (Alice Ertlbauer)  


Hannes Pendl is a composer of idiosyncratic personality who has influenced a new style of music when being a risk-taker at the same time. Pendl emancipates himself from the traditional styles, he defies them and without basing his music on convention, by chance and almost unconsciously he develops a kind of music which contains a lot of musical tradition but also represents a new form of music. The compositions reflect a multi-faceted personality whose musical interests does not accept boundaries between the different styles. Musical cultures of different countries and epochs have taken effect on Hannes Pendl, they merge in a harmonious way and become a new kind of beautiful modern music which reveals the priority of the European musical culture in a unique way.

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Discography, Projects


  • 2008: Hannes Pendl & Ensemble - Stille zeiten?
  • 2008: Hannes Pendl & Ensemble - Pannonische Impressionen
  • 1992: Hannes Pendl & Ensemble - Ostlicht
  • Ever lasting minutes

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Language:  German