Pepl Harry


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Exzentrik Egometrik - für Klavier, Zuspielungen und Ballett 1996 27m
2 Strange Uhudler 1995 5m 5s
3 Scale Fox 1994 7m 47s
4 Song for Gil 1994 8m 15s
5 Ankara 1994 7m 25s
6 Über Kurz oder Lang, von der Weite und der Enge 1993 25m
7 Bars, Heartbeats and Frames 1993 20m
8 Anspannen, Überspannen, Abspannen 1992 30m
9 Cello Piano 1991 15m
10 Intro P 34 1991 2m 31s
11 Brauereibraue Augenbraune 1991 14m
12 Piano Nr. 38 1991 4m 45s
13 Heavy Metal pedal 1991 5m
14 Dr. Kramer P 29 1991 7m 10s
15 Aug aufs Faust 1991 3m 15s
16 Piano Nr. 36 1991 1m 48s
17 Moving Navel 1991 4m
18 String Nr. 8 1991 9m
19 Obsession 1991 5m
20 FM-Syndrom 1990 8m 20s
21 Schönberg Improvations 1990 9m 48s
22 Alone is a golden stone 1990 2m 55s
23 Magnet Resonance 1990 4m 7s
24 Wide One 1990 6m 1s
25 The last bars of mankind 1990 4m 5s
26 3 Days before 1990 9m 15s
27 Einsicht ins mich 1990 6m 21s
28 Eastern Island Ears 1990 3m 48s
29 Avo 1990 6m
30 Winds 1990 5m
31 Pizzicat 1990 4m
32 Trio 1990 9m
33 String 1 1990 5m
34 Schikaneder Delight 1990
35 Die letzte Bastion 1990 7m
36 Vibes I, II 1990 8m
37 Zwei Klarinetten (Brown Butterfly) 1990 6m
38 Snow 1990 4m 50s
39 Herbstzeitlose Arbeitslose 1990 3m
40 Voice 1990 6m
41 Tintenfisch Inki 1990 9m
42 Tschernobyl 1989 3m 14s
43 Begnadete Klavierimprovisation an der Stromgitarre 1989 14m 30s
44 Misterious Ministry 1989 14m 30s
45 Kraftwerk 1989 2m
46 Maletten 1989 3m 52s
47 Piano Nr. 7 1989 4m 10s
48 Krenek 1989 4m 14s
49 Argentinischer Schuhplattler 1989
50 Itegil 1989 3m 16s
51 Knessl Ressl Jump 1989 7m 26s
52 Ballade für Mr. Dinozzo 1989 10m
53 Grogos 1989 8m 5s
54 Trance 1988 10m 53s
55 Viola & Cello 1988 12m
56 Ballantine for Valentine 1988 4m 46s
57 Camomille Tea 1988 10m 35s
58 Fleecircus 1988 8m
59 More far out than East 1987 3m 14s
60 Reflections in a Cracked Mirror 1987 4m 38s
61 Die alte Mär und das Mann 1987 6m 50s
62 Die kleine Mutti - (Little Mom) 1986 6m 50s
63 Bike Breaker - (RadlBremser) 1984 5m 5s
64 Air, Love and Vitamines 1983 ~ 7m 17s

General Information

Date of Birth:  10. September 1945
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Country of Birth: 
Date of Death:  5. December 2005
Place of Death:  Wiener Neustadt


Guitarist Harry Pepl is one of those musicians that has influenced the Austrian jazz nationally and internationally. As a musical frontier he juggles safely and highly flexible with the different styles of jazz and contemporary music. In his uncompromising focus and phrasing in waves over a fixed pulse, he influenced a jazz-idiom that can be described as European. His music captivates with vitality, density, musical wholeness and radical emotion.


His desire to push the boundaries of his own instrument, led him to the occupation with technical innovations, based on the MIDI guitar.
His works originated from that occupation, based on the technique of "instant composing." Pepl plays the individual voices with the guitar into the computer and can correct the distribution of voices before the final score, but cannot correct the composition itself. The timing of the composition is reduced to a minimum, shape and sound originate from the moment. The interplay of individual voices can be heard after being transposed to the piano. Harry Pepl is regarded as a major exponent of the "real-time composing": The musician himself: "[...] essential for the success of the synthesis of time and superior time is only a fulfilled moment [...]"


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

classic guitar

further lessons with Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery

autodidact music studies


1975 - 1985

Pirchner-Pepl-JazzZwio: member

1977 - 1995

teacher for guitar/jazz


received the title of "professor"

1984 - 1986

performances with Mike Richmond at numerous festivals

1984 - 1995

lecturer for guitar and jazz


Enrico Rava/Dino Saluzzi Quintet: member

cooperation as a guitarist with numerous jazz groups and soloists

collaborations with major international musicians, including Benny Goodman Quint., Dave Holland, Dino Saluzzi, Daniel Humair, Jon Christensen, Michel Portal, Werner Pirchner, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jack DeJohnette, Dave Liebman, Mino Cinelu etc.

Performances (Selection)


Knitting Factory New York

Théatre de Ville

performances at festivals in Donaueschingen, Edinburgh, Warsaw, Moers, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Montreux, Geneva, Pori, Raab, Saalfelden, Ankara

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Thomas Larcher

Thomas Demenga


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation



cultural award for music


recognition award for music

numerous french record awards

Description of Style

Genre boundaries and the purity of style have no effect on me at all. Nevertheless, the core of my aesthetic is not postmodern. Art is not a game for me, but rather the last place of transcendency: You can not display the not displayable. In the moment I inspirationally compose or play music - which is the same for me - I believe in absolutenesss: in the truth, in which all opposites coincide.
In my compositional method, the real-time or instant composing, the demand for the absolute sovereignty of the artist seems to be fulfilled and radicalized. The principle of real-time composing is that the composer records, without being led by reflexive methods (instrumental), what is happening in the moment of the creative process in his musical mind - what is "playing". My concern is to make a synthesis between the special, the subjective freedom - the presence of time - and the general, the objective law of the successful artwork - the superior time. Essential of the success of the synthesis of time and superior time is only the filled moment: One moment is all the more fulfilling - and therefore all the more irrecoverable - the more he creates something that can exist in the long run.


Harry Pepl, 1996

Discography, Projects


als Bandleader:

  • 1994: Harry Pepl Quartett - N.Y.C. Impressure (Extraplatte)
  • 1990: Harry Pepl - Austrian Jazzart, Schönberg Improvations (Universal Music, Solo-Album)
  • 1988: Harry Pepl - Austrian Jazzart, Airmail-light blues (Universal Music, Solo-Album)



als Sideman:

  • 2009: Pirchner-Pepl-JazzZwio - Live in Concert Montreux 1981, Innsbruck 1984 (Universal Music)
  • 1999: Musik aus Österreich Vol. 3 - Jazz & Volksmusik, Track 11 (mica, unpublished)
  • 1994: Abstract Truth - Beginnings (AMADEO)
  • 1988: mit Herbert Joos und Jon Christensen - Cracked Mirrors (ECM)
  • 1983: Werner Pirchner/Harry Pepl/Jack DeJohnette (ECM)
  • 1982: Adelhard Roidinger/Heinz Sauer/Werner Pirchner/Harry Pepl und Michael Di Pasqua - Schattseite (ECM)
  • 1981: Pirchner-Pepl-JazzZwio - Live, Montreux '81 (Wea Music)
  • 1980: Pirchner-Pepl-JazzZwio - Gegenwind (Mood Records)
  • 1980: Benny Goodman - Berlin 1980 (TCB)

Teacher of (Person)