Josef Redinger
Instrument: guitar

Redinger Josef

General Information

Year of Birth:  1956
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 



director of several choirs

production of two CDs: "Die Bäche des Sauwaldes", "Das Ende der Ewigkeit" (music for the novel tetralogy of Friedrich Ch. Zauner)

active concert career in a variety of musical formations: solo, guitar duo, vocal ensembles, etc.

Description of Style

I have accompanied Zauner's readings for many years. Over time these played improvisations emerged into own compositions which I am now introducing. These are my personal musical impressions of this work. Some of the compositions express an event in the novel quite realistically, while others are only loosely based on the literary original and express my own inner images and associations. The musical language used in these compositions is modern, but also contains many traditional elements.


on "Das Ende der Ewigkeit", novel tetralogy of Friedrich Ch. Zauner