Flora St. Loup
Instrument: piano, vocals

Photographer: Robert La Roche ©

St. Loup Flora


# Titlesort icon Year of Origin Duration Instrumentation Category
1 "DAS GASTMAHL" - Music for the theater play 1999
2 "Der Einsiedler und die Puppenmacherin" - Music for Film 2005
3 "DIE SCHULE DER ATHEISTEN" - Music for the theater play 1999
4 "IM NETZ DER MORDKOMMISSION" - Music for the 6-part TV film 2000
5 "WUNSCH KINDER" - Music for the 6-part TV movie 2001
6 11 Chansons 1995
7 22 Chansons 2009
8 23 Chansons 1994
9 A tous petits pas 1982 2m 20s
10 Absence 1983 3m
11 Atakatikitai 1981 4m 30s
12 Auf der Suche nach meinem A 1986 4m
13 Bagatelles - Neunzehn Stücke für Klavier 1990 30m
14 Ballade de l'escalier 1984 3m
15 Ballon Ballon 1984 3m
16 Bar oc 1981 6m
17 Bosse la Bossa 1981 3m
18 Cendres 1984 5m
19 Chorus delicti I 1988 16m
20 Chorus delicti II - Baby Blue oder Hörst du Töne! 1996 1h
21 Chorus delicti IV - Hommage à Beckett et Joyce 1993 1h
22 Christal 1981 5m
25 Der gläserne Himmel - music for the cine film by Nina Grosse (Germany) 1987
26 Diagonal Telefon - Elektronisch-akustische Montage 1982 4m
27 Die Flucht - music for the eponymous cine film by David Rühm 1992 19m 10s
28 Die Jahre des Schreckens - oder "Sag, Mama, warum hat die Taube grüne Augen?" Kindermusical 1993 1h 15m
29 Djacundo, le magicien de l´eau - Musical fairy tale 2005
30 Dôm 1990 4m
31 Durch dick und dünn - music for the eponymous television film by Margarete Heinrich (ORF) 1986
32 Eclypse 1981 6m
33 Empoissonnement 1981 4m
34 Espaniña No. 1 1981 5m 10s
35 Espaniña No. 2 1981 3m
36 Españole à Pékin 1981 4m 45s
37 Glaces 1986 7m
38 Grave 1981 3m 50s
40 I'M NOT AN ANGEL 1999
41 Ich Moll - Du Dur - Eigene Show 1989
42 IMAWASIWÜ 1986 1m 30s
43 In memoriam Fr. Truffaut 1984 3m
44 Jungle Blues - Musik zu einem Theaterstück über Billie Holiday 1985
45 La complainte 1981 3m 40s
46 La petite musique 1981 3m
47 La Valse Suzette 1983 3m
48 Le moustique acoustique 1981 3m
49 Le Tango de la victoire 1981 2m 50s
50 Les poulains à roulette 1981 3m
51 Lever de rideau 1981 3m
52 Liebe und Magie in Mamas Küche - Musik zu einem Theaterstück von Lina Wertmüller 1989
53 Malambo - music for the eponymous cine film by Milan Dor (Austria) 1984
54 Micheline 1981 4m 40s
55 Nie im Leben - music for the eponymous cine film by Helmut Berger (Austria) 1990
56 NÜ - NOU - NOUAGE 1986 6m
57 Obsedanse 1981 5m
58 Obsession 1981 2m 50s
59 Penaroma - Eine Bild-Oper in sechs Akten 1988 ~ 1h
60 Schnee Blues 1984
61 Sigmund B - Theatermusik 1986
62 Spital - Collage für Stimme, Klavier und Elektronik 1982 6m
63 Structures No. 1-3 1982 3m
64 Theoma (le clown) 1981 3m
65 Trois Tiroirs 1986 5m
66 Valse à 1985
67 Valse informal - Theatermusik 1983
68 Vers quelle ville irais-je? 1985
69 Vivre, Miléna Jesenska - Ausstellung 1990 20m
70 Was ihr wollt - Musik zum gleichnamigen Theaterstück von William Shakespeare 1993
71 Wiener Blut - (Johann Strauß), Variations in Moll 1990 ~ 4m
72 Zauber Zauber - Musik zu einem Theaterstück von André Heller

General Information

Place of Birth:  Lyon
Country of Birth: 

Flora St. Loup embodies the rare symbiosis of composer, singer, performer/entertainer, songwriter and pianist. In addition to her film and stage experience, Flora St. Loup has a soft spot for the French chanson (with own compositions and lyrics), film, musicals, contemporary drama and literature.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

lessons since the age of 5

early lessons

classical studies; participation in the summer-academy

music studies

1979 - 1985




freelance composer, pianist, singer and writer

seminars for vocal training (choir, stage)

numerous concerts and performances in Vienna and numerous concert tours in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Finland (with Franz Koglmann), etc.

Performances (Selection)


solo evenings with self-composed chansons

performances in Prague, Budapest, Zurich, Rotterdam, etc.

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

score for "Der Besuch", commissoned by David Rühm


score for "Malambo"


score for "Der gläserne Himmel"


score for "Nie im Leben"


score for "Die Flucht", commissioned by David Rühm


score for "In Heaven"

commissions for film music by Milan Dor, Michael Heuer etc.

Description of Style

I see myself as a true crossover composer: my scope of work includes tonal and atonal compositions (e.g. film scores, performances), catchy compositions (for special occasions such as children's musicals and musical happenings), as well as my declared preference for chansons (with my own lyrics and music).
The most important factor for my work: sensuality, emotionality.


Flora St. Loup, 2010



Press Reviews


[...] a rare and glorious combination of piano, singing and a story narration [...]

European Professional Women's Network (Samira Ghanadyan)


26. February 2009

FLORA St.LOUP - a tender she-wolf: [...] in particular her refusal to be committed to any particular style makes Flora St.Loup´s artistic work so exciting [...] St.Loup's multiple talents possibly style her as a synthesis of the arts: as a performer, writer, composer, pianist, comedian [...] she elopes the audience and listeners into the vastness of a musical landscape where one may stroll between miracle trees [...] the roaming she-wolf caresses our souls with her songs creating a new, very feminine  signature. Particularly in her lyrics she has reached new heights [...]

Wiener Zeitung (Andreas Kövary)


20. September 1989

[...] because that is one thing she can do: entertain through musical comedy [...]

Kurier (Andrea Amort)


13. December 1988

[...] one of the rare evenings, where the frequent concert visitors were confronted with something they had really never heard before [...]

Die Presse


5. June 1987

The absurd "Valse informal" emerged as an infernal, absurd valse, determined and held together by the brilliant stage performance, acrobatic vocal skills and mimic relishing mutability of pianist Flora St-Loup: comparable to a musical female wolf she controls the scenery, building in the turning point and alibi for a story in which the two dancer-like combatants fade and become extras next to her.

Der Bund


17. June 1984

[...] a fancy bird who insistently proves that modern music does not have to be humourless [...]

Neue Kronen Zeitung

[...] bundle of energy [...]


[...] captivates her audience with acrobatics and exciting sensual atmosphere [...]

Dinersclub Magazin

[...] breathtaking [...] Flora St. Loup'ssolos were marked by self-irony, humor, and a lot of charm [...]


[...] extremely spectacular[...] a strong stage presence [...]


[...] the full-blooded musician [...]


[...] humor of a poetic lightness [...] that only the French master so well, blossoms in Flora's compositions, some of which go entirely into the ear and into the heart [...]

Der Standard

[...] first-rate comedienne [...]


[...] She is sovereign in her singing  [...]


[...] behind the sheepskin of a lean graceful appearance is a "wolf's voice", a volume, which one would not expect [...]

Oberösterreichisches Tagblatt

[...] her imagination and mischievous humor [...] phenomenal vocal acrobatics [...]

Neue Kronen Zeitung

[...] the spectacular and expressive performances of the singer were remarkable [...] all eyes were on her [...]

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

[...] sings hauntingly beautiful [...]

Die Furche

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