Ludwig Streicher
Instrument: double bass

Streicher Ludwig

General Information

Date of Birth:  26. June 1920
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 
Date of Death:  11. March 2003
Place of Death:  Vienna


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1934 - 1940

studies (Johann Krump, Karl Schreinzer), graduation with distinction

studies with Josef Mikulski



substitute in the orchestra

1940 - 1944

State Theater Krakow: first engagement as a solo bassist

1945 - 1973

member of the orchestra

1946 - 1973

member of the orchestra


radio and television recordings



1966 - 1999



termination of his orchestral work

1998 - 1999

termination of teaching

holding of courses and summer schools

7 long play records

publication of the school book "Mein Spiel auf dem Kontrabass"

career as a concert soloist: concert tours in Europe, Africa, America and Japan

participation in international festivals, radio and television recordings


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

awarded the title "professor" by the Austrian president


appointed to full professorship

Press Reviews

Ludwig Streicher is a phenomenon in the whole meaning of the word. His mastery of such a difficult instrument borders on miraculousness [...] The instrument, which is otherwise only known as the foundation of string sounds and color in the orchestra, suddenly shows that it has soul. Singing and cheering, it speaks in all shades and colors and develops designed under the hands of Streicher a communication ability, which you would otherwise adjudicate to a violin.

Salzburger Nachrichten


Streicher is an arch-musician, who not only knows but also feels what he plays, a very original temperament, where every beat is soloistically revived in the full sense. In his statement will be the perfect song for the bass instrument [...] The bass as a poetic instrument dominated by the warlock - this impression was intensified by the lively applause, which demanded an enchore of Bottesini's elegy.

Süddeutsche Zeitung


Ces "moyens", Ludwig Streicher, actuellement un des meilleurs contrebassiste du monde, nous en a fait une démonstration étonnante!

La Libre Belgique, Brüssel


'Un récital de sonates pour contrebasse?' Quelle idée perverse, penseront certains! Eh bien! L'expérience a été faite au "Mai de Versailles" et j'avoue qu'elle fut concluante [...] Compte tenu de l'acrobatie - il y en a - Streicher fait non seulment de la contrabasse l'appareil d'un virtuose mais aussi et surtout une voix qui chante.

Figaro, Paris

Discography, Projects


  • 1995: Österreichische Komponisten der Gegenwart - Paul Angerer (KKM-Records)
  • 1991: Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart - Paul Walter Fürst (Amadeo Classic)  
  • 1991: Encores – Ludwig Streicher (Orfeo International Music GmbH)  
  • 1985: Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart – Marcel Rubin (Amadeo / Polygram)
  • 1982: Forellenquintett (Teldec Schallplatten GmbH)
  • 1981: The Art of Ludwig Streicher (CBS / Sony Inc. Jasrac)
  • 1980: Kontrabaß-Konzerte / Bottesini, Dragonetti, Dittersdorf (Teldec Schallplatten GmbH)
  • 1978: Ludwig Streicher spielt Bottesini (Teldec Schallplatten GmbH)
  • 1976: Kontrabaß-Konzerte / Vanhall & Urbanner (Teldec Schallplatten GmbH)
  • 1969: Ludwig Streicher - Walter Berry (Amadeo - Österreichische Schallplatten Aktiengesellschaft)
  • 1967: Musikalische Raritäten für Kontrabass (Amadeo – Österreichische Schallplatten Aktiengesellschaft)


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Dedicatee of (Composition)

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