Wirth Gerald

General Information

Date of Birth:  2. April 1965
Place of Birth:  Linz
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first musical education

studies, intensive preoccupation with Modern music



ever since director of the Calgary Boy's Choir

1998 - 2001

deputy artistic director


ever since artistic director


ever since president of the "Vienna Boys Choir"

associate conductor of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (guest-conductor in Australia, China, Russia and the USA)

musical director of the Calgary Civic Orchestra and the vocal-ensemble Sangita

head of numerous international workshops on performance practice, choral conducting and voice-training

Description of Style

The first works were certainly strongly influenced by Bartok, who was then very important to me. After a brief period of the almost typical "harmony students style" I now in recent years write music, which is very similar to vocal voice leading and is more connected to the classical tradition of harmony and rhythm.


Gerald Wirth, 1994


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