Batik Roland


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 On the Move für Jazztrio und Streichorchester 2008 14m
2 3. Klavierkonzert - Konzert für Klavier, Vibraphon und Orchester 2008 25m
3 Konzert für Klavier und Orchester Nr. 2 2004
4 Bagatelle (Version for 2 Pianos) 2004
5 Vier Intermezzi 2001
6 Vier Bagatellen für Streichquartett und Klavier 2001 25m
7 Sechs Intermezzi für Kammerorchester 1995 12m
8 New Waltz 1995
9 Without 1995
10 Can you feel it 1995
11 The Beginning 1995
12 Still alive 1995
13 That's that 1995
14 Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1 - Meditation upon peace 1993 28m
15 Song for Elisabeth 1993
16 Experience 1993
17 Twilight 1993
18 Most ugly blues 1993
19 It's just a dream 1993
20 Pannonische Romanzen - für Klavier solo 1992 5m
21 Autumn in Lower Austria 1989
22 Suite in three parts 1989
23 Little lyric piece 1987
24 Modern piece for three instruments 1987
25 Suite for four instruments 1987
26 Two pieces - for trombone and piano 1987
27 Little piece for Chick Corea 1985
28 Bagatelle - für Klavier solo in F-Dur 1982 4m
29 Impressionen 1981
30 Question Mark 1981
31 Untitled 1981
32 Latin in A 1978
33 Roots 1978
34 Toi Toi Toi
35 Afternoon Impressions I
36 Afternoon Impressions II
37 Amphitryon - Bühnenmusik
38 Apokalypse im Dreivierteltakt
39 Ballade
40 Blues for T
41 Blues in G
42 Changing
43 Easy Life
44 Für Paul
45 Funky Blues
46 Good Humour
47 Guarten Thema
48 Happy Theme
49 Imp Rock
50 Impressionen. Neufassung
51 Improvisation
52 Improvisationen
53 Interlude
54 Interlude I
55 Interlude II
56 It's up to you
57 Jazz Walzer
58 Jim Knopf und Lukas, der Lokomotivführer - Bühnenmusik
59 Kaskaden
60 Kassiber
61 Kinder der Sonne - Bühnenmusik
62 Latin Bossa
63 Lokomotivsong
64 Lullaby
65 Opener
66 Paraphrase über die Wut
67 Paul's Waltz
68 Raw
69 Rock in A
70 Rock in G
71 Short Moment - in A
72 Shuffle Blues
73 Solo für Klavier
74 Strange Day
75 Stücke
76 Transparencies
77 Trio
78 Valentin Blues
79 Verzauberte Brüder - Bühnenmusik
80 Waltz in F
81 Blues in F (for Charly) ~ 4m 30s

General Information

Year of Birth:  1951
Date of Birth:  19. August 1951
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

studies (W. Fleischmann)

private studies

specialisation Jazz pianist



debut as a pianist


founder, Roland Batik (piano), Heinrich Werkl (bass) and Walter Grassmann (drums)

1982 - 1988

collaboration with Paul Gulda, concerts with the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, the Polish Chamber Orchestra, the Mozarteum Orchestra and many more in all important cities and concert halls throughout Europe (such as Wiener Musikverein, Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Herkulessaal Munich, Tonhalle Zurich, Hamburger Musikhalle)


ever since teacher (piano)


complete recording of Mozart's and Joseph Haydn's sonatas for piano

performances as a pianist with classical, romantic and impressionist repertoire and original compositions, numerous radio and television recordings, CD productions

composer for chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestras

organisation and artistic director

Wiener Meisterkurse: regular teaching assigments

regular teaching assignments

Performances (Selection)


debut as a pianist


world premiere


world premiere


world premiere




Festival Sinfonietta Linz: world premiere of "Konzert für Klavier, Vibraphon und Orchester"


International Chamber Music Festival "Allegro Vivo": world premiere of "On the Move für Jazz-Trio und Orchester"

numerous tours through Japan

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

commission to mark the 30th anniversary of the International Chamber Music Festival "Allegro Vivo": "On the Move für Jazz-Trio und Orchester"


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Wiener Flötenuhr (record industry award) for the best interpretation of the year: complete recording of W.A. Mozart's sonatas for piano


cultural award for extraordinary services as a performer and composer


granting of the title "Professor" as acknowledgment for his complete musical works

Description of Style

In my compositions, I am looking for a fusion of classic-traditional form elements with sound ideas influenced by Jazz and Ethno.
Attempting to keep the formal balance, I am also always looking for the possibility to give improvisation some room, i.e. apart from the two fully instrumented compositions ("Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 1" and "Sechs Intermezzi for chamber orchestra"). My compositions for piano (e.g. "Impressionen", "Bagatelle", "Little piece for Chick Corea", "Little Waltz", "Pannonische Romanzen", etc.) include lyric-songlike elements as well as influences from folklore, popular music and sound images of the avant-garde.


Roland Batik, 1996

Press Reviews

Roland Batik had to repeat entire movements as an encore at the highly acclaimed world premiere of his piano concert, something not happening everyday [...] It was delightful to see Batik's compositional victory arriving at a seamless development between Jazz elements and Classical patterns [...] Something attempted by quite a few people, but hardly ever accomplished so well.

Die Presse


The duty when playing Mozart or Bach: sparkling fluency, smooth, perfect, feather-light touch. The programme began with Ravel and the keys basically began to spark in the cleverly delayed three-fourths-pattern. Even the audience joined in enthusiastically and kept its breath.

Hamburger Abendblatt


The Triumph of this selection was undoubtably Batik's own composition "Impressions". It echoed the romantic density of chamber jazz piano heavy-weight Keith Jarrett.

The Star, USA


The composition impresses with completeness, and despite its musical novelty the composition's path and message can be clearly followed. Classical elements of style and Jazz forms find together to form a congenial complement expressing the emotions and feelings of the Viennese in many motifs.



Various pianist styles from Bach over Debussy to Jazz - technically, as well as creatively top-notch.

Schwäbische Zeitung


Batik is a talented composer. His music is tuneful and easy on the ear. The "Bagatelle" for solo piano is a gem.

The News, USA

Discography, Projects


  • 2006: Batik plays Mozart
  • 2005: Wings - Gunda symphonisch (Benjamin Schmid, Roland Batik - Ensemble "die reihe")
  • 2004: From Back to Batik piano solo pieces
  • 2004: Bridges Still - Batik - Schabata - Werkl
  • 2002: Batik plays Batik: Meditation upon Peace
  • 2000: Haydn, Beethoven, Ries - Flute Sonatas (Kazumi Sato und Roland Batik)
  • 1998: Beethoven - Violin Sonata "Kreutzer" (Volkhard Steure und Roland Batik)
  • 1997: Joseph Haydn - The Complete Piano Sonatas
  • 1997: Jazz & Lyrik (Lohner, Batik, Schabata, Werkl)
  • 1996: Bridges (Batik - Schabata - Werkl)
  • 1995: Roland Batik Trio - Neighbourhood
  • 1993: Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonatas
  • 1991: Roland Batik Trio - Streams
  • 1991: Roland Batik Trio - Roots
  • 1990: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Piano Sonatas
  • 1988: Roland Batik spielt Mozart, Bach & Eigenkompositionen

Band/Ensemble Member of

Band/Ensemble Member of: 

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