Roland Baumgartner
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Instrument: trumpet, piano, violin

Baumgartner Roland


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 "Der andere Wolanski" - music for the TV film 1996
2 Symphonia globalis 1995 1h 13m
3 Anti War Suite 1995 11m
4 Kyrie 1995 4m
5 "Spur eines Zweifels" - music for the televison film 1995
6 Symbiose 1994 11m
7 "Die Gerichtsreporterin" - music for the television series 1994
8 Excalibur - Musical 1993 1h 30m
9 Ayaton - Musical 1993 1h 30m
10 "Tatort" - music for the TV series 1993 - 1996
11 "Ein Mann für meine Frau" - music for the television series 1993
12 "Der Showmaster" - music for the television series 1993
13 "Eine Mörderin" - music for the television series 1993
14 "Vier Frauen sind einfach zu viel" - music for the television series 1992
15 Hollywood Symphonie 1990 1h
16 Ali Baba 1989 45m
17 "Mit Leib und Seele" - music for the TV series 1989
18 "Eurocops" - music for the television series 1988
19 "Der Ochsenkrieg" - music for the mini series 1987
20 "Tatort" - music for the TV series 1986 - 1987
21 "Vier Männer und ein Kamel" - music for the film 1986
22 Missa Pacis 1985 1h 24m
23 "Herzklopfen" - music for the film 1985
24 "Jenseits der Morgenröte" - music for the mini series 1985
25 "Jungle Fever - Euer Weg führt durch die Hölle" - music for the film 1984
26 "Die Nacht der vier Monde" - music for the film 1984
27 "Josephs Tochter - Ich hau ab" - music for the film 1983
28 "Die Jäger" - music for the film 1982
29 Bergsegen 1978
30 "Peter Strohm" - music for the television series

General Information

Year of Birth:  1955
Date of Birth:  18. February 1955
Place of Birth:  St. Pölten
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 
  • numerous compositions for international films (Deadly Game, Joseph's daughter, Body and Soul, The night of the four moons, The Warriors, Ali Baba, nails with heads, Herzklopfen and others);
  • music for more than 80 TV-movies and series (Circus of the Fallen Angels, Helmut Lohner Show, Peter Lodynski Series, The Court Reporter, Bomarzo, The Secret Of The Black Dragon - Beyond the Dawn (Manson Inter. Group / Orion), Tatort, Der Ochsenkrieg, Eurocops, Peter Strohm, Mit Leib und Seele, Falsche Zahlen, Der Sog, Der Showmaster, Der andere Wolanski, Spuren des Zweifels, Private Life Show, Jackpot, Ein Herz für Laura, Ein Stich ins Herz, etc.); 
  • works for the BBC, SRG, RA2, ORF, ZDF, ARD, RTL , ARTE, Deutsche Welle, BR and many more;
  • musicals: Sissy and Romy, The Pied Piper, Partners, Ronny;
  • a total of more than 3000 compositions


Roland Baumgartner, 1996


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lessons with Hans Gahl






Ohio: composition (Leonard Bernstein)





Salzburger Musikschulwerk Bad Gastein: teacher


Salzburger Musikschulwerk Bad Gastein: head-teacher


as of: freelance composer and conductor, amongst others with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the NDR Symphony Orchestra, the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Festival Orchestra


Bolshoi-Symphony-Orchestra: Germany tour under the title "Movie Classics"

collaboration on the largest soundtrack library of the world

compositions for performers such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Drafi Deutscher, Peter Hofmann, Jennifer Rush, Peter Dvorsky, and others

collaboration as musical director

collaboration as musical director

music on more than 120 CDs

Performances (Selection)


Concert for Peace in Philadelphia (USA)


Klangwolke Linz

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