Nelly LiPuma
Instrument: piano

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LiPuma Nelly


# Title Year of Originsort icon Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 Sonata per flauto e pianoforte 2017
2 Die Erde 2016
3 Ende Aria 2016
4 Note della vita 2015
5 Habanera 2015
6 Phos 2015
7 L'air 2015
8 Ah-va 2015
9 Eigen willig 2015
10 Tiku tta 2014
11 In memoriam Matris 2014
12 Pistacchio verde 2013
13 A broken foot 2013
14 Exploraciones surrealistas...después de Remedios Varo 2012
15 Indo-deutsche Rhapsodie 2011
16 Tarantella culinaria 2011
17 Il soffio di Eolo 2010
18 Spiriti vaganti 2010
19 Pulsation 2010
20 Vita manet in aeternum 2010
21 Fantasia moderna 2009
22 Cigarillos 2009
23 Fantasie mediterranee 2007
24 Mamba-o 2007
25 Trio alla maniera classica 2006
26 Burst 2006
27 Bahar 2006
28 Playing on a riff 2005
29 Corri 2005
30 Graden Sextett 2004
31 Symphonia per l'Europa 2003
32 Sonata for English Horn/Oboe and Piano 2002
33 See the light 2002
34 Iperion 2000
35 catstep 2000
36 One day 2000
37 Bis 1999
38 Sonate für Klarinette und Klavier 1999
39 Wiener Quintett 1999
40 In a joplin's mood 1998
41 Piece for flute an guitar 1998
42 Friends 1998
43 Alba 1998
44 Priliu a odliu 1998
45 Alex 1997
46 3 pezzi per fagotto 1997
47 Sonata per fagotto e pianoforte 1997
48 C'est la vie 1996
49 Gundulas's duets 1996
50 Foglio d'album per trombone solo 1996
51 Sonata per trombone e pianoforte 1996
52 Cinq ètude pour piano 1995
53 Zoiros 1995
54 Folletti 1995
55 Ottundimento 1995
56 Fable 1995
57 Nonna Lia 1995
58 Op.5 - ... comme les vagues de la mer 1995
59 Daddy's omage 1995

General Information

Year of Birth:  1971
Country of Birth: 

Born in Italy in 1971, she completed her piano training in Catania. After many concerts and competitions throughout Italy she moved to Germany. She worked as an accompanist at the music academy in Cologne and has been living in Vienna since 1997. Her first concerts as a pianist and composer were so successful that she was swamped with commissions for compositions by musicians. This is how many of her works came about. Examples include "Gundula's duets" (6 duets for two flutes) or her trios for recorder, viola and guitar, which had their world premiere in 1996 in Slovakia. Radio broadcasts followed.
Many pieces by Professor Nelly LiPuma were composed and premiered in Vienna, like, for example, "Wiener Quintett" which is dedicated to the city. In June 2000 she produced a CD titled "some works of mine" with her own compositions and in cooperation with artists from The University for Music and the Performing Arts Vienna and the Tonkünstler Orchestra. In the summer of 2000 she was invited to the 'International meeting for young composers and performers - Music without Borders in the heart of Europe' in Slovakia, where her CD was presented. From 2000 to 2001 she worked as a choir teacher at the American International School in Vienna.
Her works were performed through the Austrian Society for Contemporary Music, and Steinway Haus then organised a concert series with works by Prof Nelly LiPuma. In the summer of 2001, the International Summer Academy Prague-Vienna-Budapest organised the world premiere of her Sonata for bassoon and piano. Nelly LiPuma has worked on various musical productions such as "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum" from S. Sondheim, musicals for children and world premieres of contemporary composers. She has performed numerous concerts as a pianist, composer, choir director and conductor in Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Nelly LiPuma, 2002


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1984 - 1992

Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini; Catania: completion with distinction (Agata Catania)

1993 - 1994

studies of correpetition

1997 - 2000

composition, conducting

private singing lessons (Helena Dearing)



CD-production of own works: "some works of mine" (ISCM Austria documentation)

2000 - 2001

teacher (choir singing) at the American International School


founding and direction of girls' choir Vienna International Girls' Choir (ViGC)


choir direction


teacher, conducting course together with Anders Eby and Gary Graden at the Kungliga Musikhögskolan


teacher at the Stockholm International School

2004 - 2005

choir direction of "Young Voices" at the Herbert von Karajan Centre

2006 - 2012

choir direction of "AccorDante" at the Società Dante Alighieri Vienna

Performances (Selection)


International Competition for Chamber music, Modica


Bezirksfestwochen - Kaleidoskop der Nationen


Sunday morning performance 'Kinder-Künstler-Komponisten'


Dolna Krupa


Composer's Lounge


premiere of serveral works by the ensemble Polyphonica, Beiruth, Libanon


IHLOMBE festival, International Choir Festival, South Africa


Premiere, New Delhi

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Art Cult Center


conducted the world premiere on the occasion of Italy taking the chair at the European Parliament


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Syracuse, Italy: awarded the "Premio Ciane" for her musical career


Comune di Biancavilla, Italy: awarded the "Premio Europeo Bianca di Navarra 2010"


Republic of Italy: awarded the honorific title of "Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella della Solidarietá Italiana"

Description of Style

Short and versatile! Essentiality, speed, rhythmic conciseness, and concentration of thoughts are the characteristics of her works.


Nelly Lipuma 2002

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Language:  German, English, Italian, Spanish