Vogel Alfred

General Information

Year of Birth:  1972
Date of Birth:  4. January 1972
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Die Glorreichen Sieben, Intensivstation, Le Noir, Hellhound & Bird, Kilimandscharo Dub & Riddim Society - the band projects from drummer and percussionist Alfred Vogel easily fulfil the expectations of creativity and originality that the names suggest. And those are only a few of the projects he has been involved with in the 15 years this extremely versatile and busy musician has been making a name for himself both at home and abroad.
Alfred Vogel isn't just an active musician in the pop rock and jazz scene in Vorarlberg, he is also a label boss and curator of the jazz festival "Bezau Beatz" and takes care of the concert series "Jazz&" in the Spielboden in Dornbirn.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

business and economics education



further lessons with Bobby Sanabria, Billy Hart, Billy Ward, Ben Perowsky



foudation of the label "boomslang records": projects with various artists


ever since artistic director of the festival "Bezau Beatz" in the Austrian Bregenzerwald


ever since curator of the "Jazz&"-Reihe

studio in Bezau, mainly own productions (contemporary and avantgarde)

setting of films

tours and cooperations with different artists

showcase of the published titles under the title "Vogelperspektive"

trio-project "Intensivstation" with John Schröder and Wolfgang Zwiauer

trio-project with the Polish low-frequency-specialist Bond and with the nonkonformist Swiss saxophonist/bass-clarinetist Lucien Dubuis

foundation of his own label "traps audio productions": unifying all the different areas of activity of Alfred Vogel

Description of Style

From Drum'n'Bass over Triphop and Breakbeatz to Jazz, a very individual sound-concept, less is more!

Discography, Projects

Discography (selection):

  • 2015: KDRSociety: Dance for Peace
  • 2014: Peter Madsen's CIA Trio: Elvis never left the building (playscape recordings)
  • 2014: Freiwild: Lucien Dubuis/Alfred Vogel
  • 2013: Die Glorreichen Sieben: Keep on rockin' in the free world - a tribute to Neil Young
  • 2013: Peter Madsen /Alfred Vogel: Soul of the underground
  • 2013: Peter Madsen's CIA Trio: Transformation
  • 2013: HANG EM HIGH
  • 2013: Vogelperspektive Vol. 5
  • 2013: Souldepartment
  • 2012: Peter Madsen & the CIA Strings: Gravity of Love
  • 2012: Vogelperspektive Vol. 2, 3 und 4
  • 2012: Ü Norbert Mayer/ Alfred Vogel
  • 2011: Vogelperspektive Vol. 1
  • 2010: the Brendan Adams Group: Better Days
  • 2010: Collective of Improvising Artists Thousand Miles Journey (Boomslang, with Anton Meusburger, Herbert Walser, Johannes Bär, Aleksandra Lartseva, Bianca Riesner, Norbert Dehmke, Andreas Broger, Alain Wozniak, Peter Madsen, David Helbock, Dominik Neunteufel, Marc Vogel)
  • 2009: KDRSociety: Hip to be happy
  • 2009: the Brendan Adams Group: Ugly Universe digital release + Video
  • 2008: Peter Madsen's CIA: DVD live at Feldkirchfestival
  • 2007: KDRSociety live at Jazzit Salzburg
  • 2007: Kofi Quarshie / Alfred Vogel : Nightdrummer
  • 2006: the Brendan Adams Trio: Pearly Sue
  • 2005: KDRSociety: last flight from Rwanda
  • 2004: Stefan Latt / Alfred Vogel: ANKUNFT
  • 2004: los tequila sharks: Duoaufnahmen
  • 2003: Alfred Vogels giggos gaggos oirmuos
  • 2003: ackle.cousins.vogel feat. Charles McNeal: tryin´to make it real
  • 2002: toni.eberle.band: Geflutet

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