Marcus Cornelius Diess
Instrument: vocals, guitar, percussion, sampler, bass

Diess Marcus Cornelius

General Information

Year of Birth:  1964
Date of Birth:  4. August 1964
Place of Birth:  Salzburg
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

various workshops

2 years of lessons

7 years of guitar and flute lessons


study trips to Nepal and Thailand

1 year of tabla lessons in Varanasi



Ozric Tentacles: percussionist of the British ethno-space-rock band


Wavesound: founder of the audio and stage engineering company


work with Peter Greenaway on the prop-opera "100 objects to represent the world"


tour in Northern Canada and Greenland with the production "Inukshuk"


first collaboration with various young filmmakers

1999 - 2012

entry into the association and production of first radio shows, voluntary chief sound engineer of the radio station


construction of the experimental electro-mechanical rhythm instrument "T.R.Ommel 2000"


first workshop series "Experimental Music for Children" with Werner Raditschnig at four schools


planning, design and construction of the studio


various musical performances and sound design


construction of the first machine for a kinetic art exhibition


second workshop series "Experimental Music for Children" with Werner Raditschnig

construction of the first experimental music instrument, the Aluphon, for the Salzburg sound artist Werner Raditschnig

construction of interactive kinetic artwork and custom designs for art, film and theater

own demo-CD and sound-designs for film-producers

full-time sound engineer in the studio, at concerts and theater performances of all genres

interactive exhibition with kinetic opto-acoustic objects and sound machines

arrangement of radio-shows

sound-designs for film and theater



PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

nominated for the Ö1-prize in the category of adult education for the broadcast program "Inukshuk 2"

Description of Style

Besides experimenting with sounds and noises on analog and digital level, work in the crossover area of all popular music genres on the way to picturesque film music.

Press Reviews

The Ozric Tentacles, a band which in the British Empire has grown to cult status, are the same for the atmospherical music of the nineties what "Steve Hillage" has been for the seventies. 

Rendsburger Tagespost 


"Aluminum profiles open up spaces for listening at the Künstlerhaus": Two components determine the value of experience this travel in unusual soundscapes and emotional levels has: components which require each other - an experience in aluminum and as such also in electronics. [...] In collaboration with the congenial electrical engineer Marcus Diess a sound machine has been developed that emits a visual effective object-like appeal in addition to its purpose to produce tones. "Staging a sensual experience in several listening rooms".

Kleine Zeitung

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