Andi Haller
Nickname: Lonesome Andi Haller Band

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Haller Andi

General Information

Year of Birth:  1962
Date of Birth:  8. July 1962
Place of Birth:  Innsbruck
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

E-guitar in his first basement band at the age of 12. First solo concert (saxophone, free jazz) with 16. Since the 1980s intense and self-taught musical activities as a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter in various bands in Innsbruck, often with Hans "Hesini" Platzgumer. Moved to Vienna in the mid-80s, then London, living in squats and playing with people from the environment of Wire, This Heat, The Lowest note. Then again bandlife in Vienna, Berlin, Schwertberg. Co-founder of the label NurSchrec. Tours in Europe and USA, in the early 90s finally as bass player with HP Zinker.
First soundtrack for a movie in 1993. Countless other soundtracks followed for animated films and documentaries.
Commissioned compositions for "Die Knödel". Since 1998, composer and stage musician for the theater group "Toxic Dreams". Producer of several soundtracks, formation of his own label xterkyu.
Moved to Barcelona in 2001. Filmmaking in the collective. Director, screenwriter, actor, editing, film music for three short films. Exploration of the genre 2-man musical and the Iberian idiom as songtext language.
Since 2006 living in Vienna. Exploration of the genre One-man MusiKal


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

institute for electro-acoustic music

self-taught musician


1990 - 1991

Pension Export, Vienna: member of the group, expanded cinema, short films, music (Die Frühlingsrolle, Das Attentat)


Yoko&Hugh: two-man musical with Bing Selfish


Libre Albedrio: foundation of the film collective (Picnic en el Garraf, Drytown, Antoni Antoni Antoni)


teacher of film music

Lonesome Andi Haller Band: live performances, One-man MusiKal

Lonesome Andi Haller Band: solo project, founded as a studio project, film music, theater music

Toxic Dreams: theater music (Speed, Die Milosevics, De Lady in de Tutti Frutti Hat, among others)

working on the one-man musicals "Basic German", "Dickes Survival" and "Basic Survival"

collaboration as a band member of Stan Red Fox (Berlin); KÖB, Böhm ohne KÖB (Vienna); HP Zinker (New York)

producer of several film soundtracks

songwriter and composer for bands from the areas of punk, jazz, folk and rock music: Funk Taxi, Nylon (Innsbruck); Murphy Working Stiffs (London), Loud (Schwertberg); Trashpegel, Splinters, The Babyzithers (Vienna); Hacen Vapor (Barcelona)

soundtracks for films (Halbe Welt, Jugofilm, Suzie Washington), animation, experimental and documentary films

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

- 1999 various commissioned compositions


Description of Style

Stubbornly, I refused musical training. Greedy, I tested every instrument in the rehearsal basement. Obstinately, I trusted in personal research and discovery familiar and mistrusted every rule or formula. Enthusiastically, I spent hours blowing, drumming, or even practicing scales. Tediously, I drew small dots on lines and laboriously deciphered them. Imperturbably, I screwed on buttons and stared at tiny screen displays. Curiously, I listened to all kinds of genres, from free jazz to trash metal, from Psychobilly to Gamelan, from Messiaes to Om Kalsoum, across the fields, Webern, Bad Brains, great black music in all forms, ethnographic recordings from all corners of the globe, Bruzz-electronic, drum & bass, brute techno ... And now? I love writing songs. And soundtracks. It is often said that my songs are very catchy. And the soundtracks original and sensitive. Beautifully weird and eccentric.
It is all right with me. It is about feeling special, to experience a special moment, let the beast feel special, let the deamons be dancers. Pure hedonism, were it not for the exchange, with the audience, with fellow musicians, but that is also a celebration.
My style, well - no idea. SwampflowersSpacecoreShakeYourBonesWiggleNoiseBeautydistortion perhaps?

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