Reinhard Fuchs
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Instrument: accordion, piano

Reinhard Fuchs © Markus Binder

Fuchs Reinhard


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 MANIA - for ensemble 2014
2 Neues Werk 2013 4m
3 alarm call 2012 - 2013 3h 30m
4 TOX 2012 - 2013 13m
5 Torus 2010 13m
6 Invers - For Accordion, Clarinet And String Trio 2010 13m
7 twined traces 2008
8 Feodora - für Akkordeon solo 2007
9 in circles 2005 8m
10 streut licht | an den bebenden rändern 2005 12m
11 umwebt von leisem Schatten - fünf Bücher für Streichquartett 2004 25m
12 Im unaufhörlichen Wandel bebt ohne Ende 2004 10m
13 descrittivi di stati d'animo di Didone 2004 11m 30s
14 blue poles 2003 17m
15 Invisible Gravitation 2002 15m
16 Transkript 2001 10m
17 wo Angst auf Umhülle prallt 2001 18m
18 gereist in Feldern durch Zeit 2000 12m 52s
19 von der wiederkehr desselben gleichsam zur jagd 2000 15m
20 erstickt vom röcheln verschwindet 1999 12m
21 Labyrinth I 1998 12m
22 et expectat et memenit 1998 8m
23 wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen 1997 9m
24 ...und... (...und doch so...) 1997 9m
25 Traumsequenz 1997 7m
26 2 Miniaturen 1997 3m
27 wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen - For Flute And Live-Electronics 1997 - 2011

General Information

Year of Birth:  1974
Date of Birth:  3. April 1974
Place of Birth:  Wels
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Reinhard Fuchs (*1974) first studied accordion at the Brucknerkonservatorium Linz (1991-1995) and then trained as a composer with Michael Jarell (1996-2002). In 1997/98 he spent a year at the University of Miami, Florida. Further valuable impulses for his compositions derived from his studies with Brian Ferneyhough, Marco Stroppa, Magnus Lindberg, Klaus Huber and others. In 1997, he also founded the composers' group "Gegenklang" together with collegues.


In addition to composition commissions by renowned ensembles and organisers (Klangforum Wien, Vienna Konzerthaus, Konzerthaus Berlin, Musiktage Donaueschingen etc.), Reinhard Fuchs can look back on several international prizes and awards. His compositions have been performed by ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, RSO Wien, Les Percussions de Strasbourg and conductors the likes of Johannes Kalitzke, Matthias Pintscher, as well as at festivals such as Wien Modern, Salzburger Festspiele, Musiktage Donaueschingen, Musikprotokoll, Hörgänge, Konzerthaus Berlin, Contemporary Music Festival Alicante, etc.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1991 - 1995
1991 - 1995
1991 - 1995

instrumental education

1991 - 1995

music theory

1996 - 2002



University of Miami, Florida/USA: studies

composition classes, among others with Brian Ferneyhough, Marco Stroppa, Magnus Lindberg, Klaus Huber, Antoine Bonnet and Jean-Marc Singier



co-founder of this group of composers


manager and artistic director

freelance composer

Performances (Selection)


Contemporary Music Festival Alicante

Donaueschinger Musiktage

Konzerthaus Berlin


Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Konzerthaus Berlin


SWR (South-German Broadcasting Corporation) and Klangforum Vienna


WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation) and Klangforum Vienna


Bavarian State Opera



PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

European Composition for Cathedral Choirs: special award by the Foundation Royaumont at the international composition contest


stasis et vita – Contemporary Music in Kassel: Second Prize in the composition contest


7th International Composition Contest Mozarteum Salzburg: First Prize


International Compositon Contest Bach 2000: Second Prize






state scholarship for composition

work scholarship

Description of Style

Many of Reinhard Fuchs' compositions are influenced by literary texts (W. Benjamin, H. Broch, G. ungaretti, A. Wölfli, F. Schmatz ...). His first major composition for orchestra "Wo Angst auf Umhülle prallt" for vocal and orchestra (2002), based on texts by E.A. Poe, G. Ungaretti, A. Wölfli, merge the most significant musical and non-musical ideas, which Reinhard Fuchs has been fascinated by for many years: tightly knitted networks of connections, oscillating complexities instead of simple and straight, linear processes, as well as a continuous, driving and immediate energy. This gives the listener the opportunity to venture on a "listening-path" through these multilayered, interwoven sounds. Still, Reinhard Fuchs' music communicates itself just as much by feeling its fluctuating surface with our ears. The stringency and richness of his ramified musical labyrinths convey themselves immediately. Fuchs refers to the books of French symbolist Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) as his initial experience with this kind of poetry: "Encountering Mallarmé's late prosaic poem "Un coup de dés" left a lasting impression on my style of composing. I was fascinated by the multilayered pattern of his texts, where language, music and images got fused into one complex unit. In place of transparent syntax now steps a text condensate which calls for the reader's power of deduction. Things are not described, only suggested. Therefore, the reader is called upon to actively take part in the process of creation and to explore step by step."


Reinhard Fuchs, 2003

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