Wolfgang Seligo
Instrument: piano

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Seligo Wolfgang

General Information

Date of Birth:  7. December 1968
Place of Birth:  Vienna
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After jazz studies in Vienna, Wolfgang Seligo gathered his first experiences as a composer, producer and musician in the early 1990s. In addition to his participation in various ensembles in the Viennese scene, he founded together with Dhafer Yousseff and Gerhard Reiter the ethnic jazz project "Ziryab" (Extraplatte Records) which toured in Austria and Germany. He also pursued other activities, including individual activities as a co-producer for popular music projects (various productions, CDs, compilations for Spray/Ariola BMG, EMI, etc.) and working as an advertising and media composer for radio, TV and cinema.


Since around 2000, Wolfgang Seligo has been dedicating himself to concert music in combination with jazz and improvised music and elements of classical music. After first musical presentations, he started performing internationally since 2003 as a soloist and in various ensembles at festivals, in concert halls and clubs in Russia (Red Square), China (Forbidden City), Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, and various US-cities such as Chicago (Jazz Festival), St. Louis (University), Washington (Blues Alley), etc.


In addition to his jazz-rock compositions, the liaison of improvised music with classical and contemporary classical music plays a predominant position in the compositions of Wolfgang Seligo as well as in their harmonies. Since 2007 Seligo has been playing piano solo concerts and concerts with classical instrumentation (e.g. cello) and improvisation playing a significant role. This was followed by the solo piano work "Alternative Jazz Piano", available in various versions with jazz chords for improvisational jazz pianists and open to improvisation and in noted versions for more classically trained pianists.
After various recordings, the latest solo piano CD "Alternative Jazz Piano" was published in 2009 and is available in Austria (e.g. EMI Store), Germany, USA, etc., and was presented at various cultural broadcasting stations in Austria and abroad (including Ö1 Jazz Night, Jazz Corner).


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation




founding of the Seligo Jazz Quartet


ever since lecturer

jazz-performances on the piano in duets (e.g. with singer Ramona Steiner and cellist Rina Kacinari) or as solist

concerts and tours inland and abroad (e.g. Morocco, USA)

composer, producer and musician for solo-music, media-music (TV/radio) and in the field of world-music

founding of the ethno-jazz-project "Ziryab" (together with Dhafer Yousseff and Gerhard Reiter) with tours through Germany and Austria

Performances (Selection)


tour through the USA: Chicago, St. Louis, Washington D.C.

Steinwayhaus Vienna Solo

Joe Zawinul's Birdland

Augarten Festival

Vienna City Fair Ö1-stage

15 years Reigen Jazz-Festival


Jazz-philharmonics St. Petersburg

Nine Gates Jazz-Festival

Jazz-Festival Izmir

Description of Style

Jazz, Fusion, Soul, Rock, Avantgarde

Press Reviews

"Nevertheless, Seligo is obviously extremely talented, both in composition and performance. It seems like he almost cannot help playing in such a bravura manner, but, because there are so many things happening, it is relatively easy to get beyond the surface and enjoy the very fine playing." 

Budd Kopman (New York) for allaboutjazz magazine

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: "Jazz Trio" (Seligo/Strutzenberger/Wiederhofer)
  • 2009: "Alternative Jazz Piano" (Wolfgang Seligo, Solo-Klavier)

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