Martin Rummel
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Instrument: violoncello

Rummel Martin

General Information

Year of Birth:  1974
Date of Birth:  2. May 1974
Place of Birth:  Linz


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

by Wilfried Tachezi


diploma with distinction


Higher School Leaving Certificate with distinction at the Academic High School

private lessons with Robert Cohen and William Pleeth

lessons with Maria Kliegel

harpsichord and piano lessons with Helga Schiff-Riemann


1997 - 1999

artistic director of the concert series "JSB" at the Ursulinenkirche

2000 - 2007

director of a violoncello class at the Music Academy

2001 - 2002

artistic director of the festival “kammerMUSIK“

2004 - 2005

director of the "Holzhauser Musiktage"

2004 - 2009

edition of the complete main works for violoncello

2006 - 2007

president of the "Zentrum für Interkulturelle Begegnung" of the Jewish community

2007 - 2012

director of the “Klassik Musikfest Mühlviertel“ in Oberneukirchen

2008 - 2011

director of the "Wiener Gitarrenfestival"

2008 - 2013

teaching activity at the University of Auckland

2008 - 2014

moderation of the monthly programme "Rummels Rubrik"


foundation of the music organisation

2010 - 2015

president of the "Vienna Music Group"

2014 - 2015

member of the leading team VTMÖ

2014 - 2016

assistant lecturer at the university courses "Cultural Communication"

associate professor and director of the "School of Music" at the University of Auckland

guest and master classes

guest and master classes

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