16er Buam (K. P. Steurer and P. Rutka)
Photographer: Yvonne Rutka ©

Rutka Patrick

General Information

Date of Birth:  11. February 1977
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Country of Birth: 


At the age of five, my grandfather gave me lessons in playing the Styrian-diatonic accordion. I gradually perfected my skills in playing this instrument. Finally, I got in contact with my musical roots through regular visits to "Heurigen" (Viennese wine taverns). Thus, I began to respect and value the Wiener Lied and decided to buy a Viennese chromatic-button accordion. After restaurating the accordion - it had been damaged - I began to teach myself how to play this instrument. At that time, my financial situation could not cover the costs of lessons, so I just went to the various Heurigen taverns and stages to listen to the folk musicians and to learn a few tricks and get some tips - Karl Hodina, Pepi Matauschek, Rudi Luksch, Felix Lee were some of those musicians.


In the end, I met Klaus Steurer, my partner, who had taught himself the Schrammel guitar. I started to really enjoy my hobby and my public performances at Heurigen taverns increased. After several engagements in the Wiener Lied scene, the name "16er Buam" was spontaneously born. Alongside my studies and work, I performed with the 16er Buam duo - the youngest Wiener Lied duo with traditional instrumentation at present - performing, on average, four times per month at Heurigen taverns, company and private parties.


The music became very intense; it stopped being a mere hobby. In 2005, I decided to concentrate completely on my music and my performances increased up to 20 per month. In addition to that, the first stage programs with my own compositions, CD productions and projects with other artists came up as well. More and more elements of world music and jazz found their way into this "new" Viennese music. Be it old "Gstanzln" (form of quatrains) or "Lieder aus der untersten Lad" (crude songs), genre classics or the musical way suggesting jazz-like rhythms, my music is cutting edge. My repertoire consists of folk music, Wiener Lied, music-cabaret and Viennese jazz.


Patrick Rutka, 2006


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

from this time on private lessons for the diatonic Styrian accordion (Johann Frisch)


from this time on private lessons for the chromatic Viennese Schrammel-accordion (Fritz Aschauer)


2002 - 2005

member of the ensemble (Schrammel-accordion)


Arrogante Dilettanten: studio-musician (Schrammel-accordion)

member of the 16er Buam in traditional instrumentation - Patrick Rutka playing the Schrammel-accordion, Styrian accordion and the button-accordion

performances in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

lecturer and teacher for button-accordion; expert for button-accordions

co-developer and counsellor when building new button-harmonicas

private research in the field of folk-music, button-accordion and ecological life-style

Description of Style

The Wienerlied is alive!
This is what the 16er Buam prove with their traditional instrumentation of button accordion and Viennese Schrammel guitar. Their combination of traditional music with modern sounds and approaches brings unexpected modern and contemporary music on to the stage. The sarcastic, ironic and moody lyrics paired with melancholic, blues-like suburban polyphony result in a unique cultural experience.
Moreover, the successful link with Alpine folk music is also unique. Using the Styrian diatonic-button accordion and the Viennese Schrammel guitar, the 16er Buam play Bavarian music, Alpine waltzes and polkas. And this they are doing so well that they are traditionally performing at the legendary Jägerball in the Hofburg.
The 16er Buam write and interpret old Gstanzln, songs from the "untersten Lad'", classics of the genre, folk music, songs.


Patrick Rutka, 2006

Press Reviews

25. June 2006

To such a Buschenschenke [...] I see two men walking. With the instruments they carry on their shoulders, they remind me of the ballad singers of the 18th century, who standing on wooden benches, told all kinds of tales whilst playing their instruments. I know the two men, one of them being Klaus P. Steurer, a master of the almost forgotten counterpoint guitar with its 13 strings and "rumbling" bass lines, and the other one is Patrick Rutka, who knows how to play a Viennese button-harmonica excellently.

Krone bunt am Sonntag (Roland Girtler) 



They [The 16er Buam, annotation] are some of the few young and serious Viennese song interpreters and also create new ones and thus, they are in a row with Hodina and Neuwirth as well as lately Steinberger/Havlicek, the Texasschrammeln and Agnes Palmisano. On the new CD one can sense playful lightness and pure, musical intuition, melancholy and joy, death and love and of course the wine of Vienna.

Concerto (Oliver Grün) 



One of the well-known groups of the new generation of Wiener Lied musicians is called "16er Buam". They are a young duo playing Viennese songs with traditional instruments. [...] As one of the fans of Steurer and Rutka says, "In the beginning I didn't go to the wine bars for the music or the Viennese songs. I just went there to spend an evening among nice people, chatting with some of them, even making some friends. But in the end I became a real fan of Viennese music and I would not want to miss these evenings." 

English Zone (Gabriele Dorn)