Wahlmüller Michael


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1 Rebus 2013

General Information

Year of Birth:  1980
Date of Birth:  5. March 1980
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

studies in philosophy, psychology


violoncello, composition, conducting

violoncello, composition, conducting



Lentia Nova: founder and ever since leader of the ensemble

Albertus Magnus Schule: teacher


commissions and documentation of works through Austrian Broadcasting Corporation productions and CD-recordings

compositions for different arrays of instruments from large symphony orchestras to an opera to church music and chamber music

concerts as a soloist, chamber musician and conductor

Medellin-Quartet: member

board member

board member

board of trustees's member at the International Festival "Musica sacra über die Grenzen"

Oberösterreichisches Schubertorchester: artistic director


annualy guest-conductor in different orchestra and choirs


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

cultural-proomotion-scholarship  for composition


talent-promotion-award for composition


Simon-Verlag, Berlin: award-winner at the International Composition-Competition for contemporary songs


Theodor-Körner-Award for composition


2. Prize at the International Gustav Mahler Composition-Competition


Honorary Diploma "3rd Edison Denisov Composition Competition"


winner of the "Ink Still Wet"-Competition at the International Festival Grafenegg


3. Prize - category orchestra works; Paul Lowin Prize (Australien)

Description of Style

I relate my artistic activities to an objective which the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi succintly phrased when stating what the effect of a poem should be: "a deep breath of the soul". I see this as comprising a tight and unbreakable bond between emotions and cognition. My attempt to achieve this explains why I use a tonal language resembling the post-modern style, which is neither tonal nor atonal, and which I have recently named metatonal because it is aimed at reaching a level above the other two. I see this as a conciliation between tonality and atonality and have thought up principles which I repeatedly and gladly deviate from, in order to escape from a dogma which could block the soul's air passages if it became dominant. Ultimately, I attempt to write music that I myself like and only then does it reach the public. My breathing must be deep enough to show new mental paths to the audience. In addition to conventional notation, I use mainly aleatoric and bruitistic techniques, and often try to let forms of improvisation flow into my composition in a fruitful way, as I find Jazz inspiring.


Michael Wahlmüller, 2007

Performer of (Composition)

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