Judith Unterpertinger
Instrument: piano, violoncello

Judith Unterpertinger © Helmut Lackinger

Unterpertinger Judith


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category
1 Wall Study VI 2017
2 Azadi 2017
3 perception and communication 2015
5 JUDITH 2013
6 It's over 2012
7 wall study III 2011
8 zone3#1.10 2010
9 objects 2010
10 zone3#2.5 2010
11 wall study II 2010
12 zone3#1.6 2010
13 Wall Study I 2008 ~ 8m
14 Splitter zerfressener Steine - Konzert für Bratsche und tiefes Ensemble ~ 18m
15 Dein Anderlstück, eine Heimatverbundenheit ~ 22m
16 Zur Liebe nicht fähig - Vertonte Gedichte nach Herta Kräftner und Walter Buchebner ~ 10m
17 ich gehe jetzt - Kurzoper nach einem Libretto von Gerhard Rühm ~ 22m
18 Kleine Anarchistensuite ~ 10m
19 amarantus ~ 45m
20 ALLOS ~ 10m
21 seven contacts... ~ 18m
22 Intimacy ~ 14m
23 außen, von innen ~ 15m
24 gegangen - Eine performative Klanginstallation ~ 12m
25 znit: irgendeinSPIEGELschaun ~ 40m
26 znit: ich grenz an alles immer mehr ~ 14m
27 Josefa Schweiger coop: für mich
28 i love you - Stück für zwei Performerinnen und zwei Klaviere
29 für die Sterne ~ 22m
30 Streichquartett Nr. 3/13 ~ 13m
31 The House... (Part I)...of Leaves (Part II) ~ 25m
32 Liebes Fagott* ~ 11m
33 Mind The Gap ~ 10m

General Information

Year of Birth:  1977
Date of Birth:  17. March 1977
Place of Birth:  Hall in Tirol
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Works as a composer, pianist and performance artist.


Her main interest lies in the realization of musical-performative architectures, especially sociology and urban conditions of the form. Exploration of the relationships between various art forms such as music, dance and visual arts.


She lives and works in Obertraun, Austria.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1996 - 2002


2000 - 2006

composition and piano

2002 - 2006

composition and piano

2002 - 2006

composition and piano


2001 - 2003

co-founder and member of Der böse Zustand, tütü, fruitmarket gallery

2002 - 2003

member of No Mouth Orchester (directed by Christoph Cech), UNO.Kollektiv (directed by Hannes Löschel) and Wandlerkette (directed by Michael Bruckner)


cooperation with Katharina Weinhuber (dance) for the piece "Triadi Memories" by Morton Feldman

2003 - 2004

BigAnnasBergFunBand: cellist under the direction of Christoph Cech


participation under the direction of Renald Deppe

2004 - 2005

Der rote Hahn: participation with Dietmar Bruckmayr

Breuer/Unterpertinger: participation with Bernhard Breuer

donatu [dot] com: participation under the direction Daniel Mateij

Pritchard/Unterpertinger: participation with Alwyne Pritchard

member of No Business For Dogs, deepseafish K, krillit, Hauf / Hess / Jackson / Juun, unterPritperTingerchard, The London Improvisers Orchestra


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Third Place at the Gustav Mahler composition competition


one year scholarship


composer in residence


start scholarship




talent scholarship



Press Reviews

17. September 2007

[...] Also the Tyrolean Judith Unterpertinger was able to put her piece "außen, von innen" to the test last week with the Austrian Ensemble for Contemporary Music OENM with a different instrumentation. She managed to create a finely characterised and chased surround sound chamber music full of multifarious dialogues and correspondency based on a series of photographs [...]

Salzburger Nachrichten (Heinz Rögl)


11. September 2007

Judith Unterpertinger's Thirsty Camel; außen, von innen was liked [...] through the periodic fading and collection of sounds, like the ensemble tuttis.

Der Standard (Andreas Felber)


25. October 2004

[...] an all-round successful piece, which bore witness to the courage to try something truly new. [...]

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Michael Wruss)


5. February 2004

[...] the world premiere of "Kleine Anarchistensuite" by Tyrolean composer Judith Unterpertinger was on the bill: a thoroughly thrilling conversation placed between vibrating flageolet and cracking block chords. [...]

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (Christoph Haunschmid)


26. June 2003

[...] Unterpertinger's open-minded searching spirit was also revealed in the improvisation set. Alternating between a prepared piano and a cello, she worked on sound structures from a British-like collective discipline, shrewd trash collages and hardcore second pieces a la John Zorn with Dominika Zach (voice), Stephan Sperlich (cello) and Thomas Grill (electronic instruments). And regardless of the variety of associations and references, one can also feel that a wide horizon is being built on, new terrain being entered, on which, possibly, actually unheard-of sound growths could appear in the future.

Der Standard (Andreas Felber)

Discography, Projects


  • 2011: Proxemics: Hauf / Hess / Jackson / Juun
  • 2011: Lovely Objects: No Business For Dogs 
  • 2005: Der böse Zustand: Schlund (ostblock rekords)
  • 2005: fruitmarket gallery:au'i-o'i (ostblock rekords) 
  • 2003: Grabenfesttage: Charming Nights (Extraplatte)

Performer of (Composition)