Christoph W. Breidler
Instrument: piano

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(Foto Fischer, Graz)

Breidler Christoph W.

General Information

Year of Birth:  1986
Date of Birth:  27. November 1986
Place of Birth:  Graz
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Christoph Werner Breidler was born on 27 November 1986 in Graz and grew up in St. Bartholomä in Western Styria. He received his first musical education at the Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory in Graz at the age of four. Up to his 16th birthday, he took lessons in piano, percussion, trombone, Styrian accordion and music theory. From 2003 until 2007 he studied at the Konservatorium Wien Private University with Prof. R. Batik and G. Geretschläger. Between 2004 and 2006 he studied composition with Prof. A. Seidelmann, and since 2006 with Prof. Michael Jarell and Prof. German Toro-Perez (University of Music and the Performing Arts Vienna). He took part in master classes, e.g. with P. L. Aimard and Peter Feuchtwanger (piano), as well as K.H. Stockhausen, Beat Furrer, Enno Poppe and Bernhard Lang (composition). From 2006 onwards, he has been studying composition with Prof. Mark Stringer at the University of Music and the Performing Arts Vienna.


Together with Fernando Riederer and Hannes Dufek he founded "Platypus - Verein für neue Musik" (Platypus - Society for Contemporary Music) in 2006, which held the first "composers' marathon - festival for contemporary music" with great success in 2007. Furthermore, Breidler founded the "Ensemble Phidias" in 2006, a soloist ensemble with preferences in contemporary music and the repertoire of Baroque music.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1991 - 2002

lessons in piano, percussion, button accordion, trombone and music theory

2003 - 2007
2003 - 2007

lessons with Gerhard Geretschläger

2004 - 2006


2004 - 2006

conducting (Mark Stringer)

2006 - 2012


numerous master classes with Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, Beat Furrer, Enno Poppe and Bernhard Lang (composition)

numerous master classes with Pierre-Laurant Aimard and Peter Feuchtwanger



founder and ever since artistic director of the soloist-ensemble Phidias, focusing on contemporary and baroque music


co-founder and ever since organisational activities


ever since solo-repetitor and conductor at the State Theatre Aachen


ever since supervisor

conductor, pianist, harpsichordist at numerous premieres, among other things at the Musikverein in Vienna and in the Kyoto Furitsu Fumin Hall Alti in Japan


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

scholarship from "Akademie Musiktheater heute"


scholarship from "Akademie Musiktheater heute"


Second Prize at Ensemblia composition competition


scholarship from "Akademie Musiktheater heute"


audience award for young composers at the International music festival


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