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Date of Birth:  22. August 1952
Place of Birth:  Hadersdorf am Kamp
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Born in 1952 in Hadersdorf am Kamp. After elementary and middle school, Peter Rauscher studied electronics at Technical College Mödling. He discovered the electric guitar when he was 17 and endlessly practiced improvisations in the music room of the student home in Mödling. When the noise had to stop, he returned to the non-amplified guitar. As of 1970, he played as a guest musician with many folk bands, and produced his first songs in 1974. He was active as a singer-songwriter and his texts were published in various literary journals.


As of 1977, he stopped studying engineering and started studying guitar at the University for Music and the Performing Arts Vienna. Since 1977, he has been teaching guitar at the Music Academy in Krems. Baroque music increasingly became important to him during the 1980s (baroque lute, baroque guitar, archlute, theorbo). He has played concerts in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, etc.


As of 1990 Schrammelmusik (contra guitar) with numerous performances (Japan-India tour, Burgtheater, Turkey, etc.). In 2000 the retrogression to electronics began with the purchase of a sequenzer. Compositions always emerge when the inner creative urge becomes too strong (which does not happen all that often) and a tangible venue is available; commissions for festivals, theatre music, etc. Nothing can be pigeonholed. In this regard WEINMUSIK has a special position. This "work in progress" began in 2002 and continues to grow and is enhanced with videos, new parts, improvisations, texts, etc.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1977 - 1982
1977 - 1982

old music (Heinz Wallisch)

1977 - 1982

twelve tone music


ever since courses with Hopkinson Smith, Jürgen Hübscher, Oliver Holzenburg and Michael Freimuth


1991 - 1992

basso continuo player, guitarist


ever since member and leader of "Cremser Selection"

Trio Notturno: guitarist

guitar teacher

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

Kremser Musiktage

Festival zeitgenössischer Orgelmusik Mödling

Description of Style

I do not consider myself as a composer, but as a composing musician, as was once common before the romantic era. I therefore do not have a consistent style, but rather a kind of personal handwriting. Shortness, simplicity, logic & wit. Involved in my musical world are: Mozart, Hendrix, Webern, S.L. Weiss, Schrammel, Small Faces, Zappa, Ravel, Reich, Biber ...


Peter Rauscher, 2007

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