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# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 TornAment 2013 - 2014 10m
2 Peri-Tales 2012 12m
3 aura - for violoncello and accordion 2011 7m30s
4 phen-ix - for piano trio 2011 12m
5 FreeQuenz - string quartet no.2 2009 17m
6 Aechos 2008 6m
7 "Replik" für Orchester 2006 9m
8 "Liebesend" 2006 3m
9 "An-Sie" 2006 5m
10 "Lieben können dürfen" 2005 3m 40s
11 "ix-thesis" 2005 10m
12 Deprovisation I, II, III 2005 4m 30s
13 Prélude Nr. 2 2004 3m
14 "Gedanken" in e-Moll 2004 2m
15 "Für Beate" 2004 2m 40s
16 "Eva" 2004 2m
17 "CreARTive Sentiment" 2003 14m
18 "A-Ruh" 2002 6m
19 Avan't Art - String Quartet No. 1 2001 16m
20 "Agmento" 1999 3m
21 "Ektik" 1999 2m
22 Sinfonie Nr. 1 1998 ~ 30m
23 Prélude Nr. 1 1997 3m 30s
24 Etüde Nr. 1 1997 3m

General Information

Year of Birth:  1974
Date of Birth:  16. December 1974
Place of Birth:  Hall in Tirol
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

After graduating at the HTL for Telecommunications in Innsbruck (1994), Christian Reimeir first studied mathematics and physics. It was not until the age of 17 that he found his approach to music when he started to play the piano. Following an inner urge, he started to intensively teach himself piano and music theory and to compose his first piano pieces. He then continued to study composition at the Conservatory in Innsbruck with Prof. Martin Lichtfuss (1999-2006, diploma 2006). He is a founding member of "AKRÓASIS", the forum for music and media in an intercultural context (Vienna, 2009) and winner of the Composition Prize of the city of Innsbruck (2010). His music can be heard in the movie "Life Off Limits" (Austria/Germany, 2011). He has received commissions from various ensembles and his works have been featured at the congress of the International Viola d'amore Society of America 2012 ('Peri-Tales', commissioned for viola d'amore and chamber orchestra) and the Klangspuren Schwaz ('phen-ix', interpreted by the Spanish Piano Trio 'Arbós'). A wide variety of his compositions, including an interview, aired on the Austrian ORF Radio Ö1. Christian Reimeir currently lives and works as a freelance composer in Vienna and Innsbruck.


Christian Reimeir, 2012


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1989 - 1994

HTL Telecommunications

1995 - 1999

studies of mathematics and physics

1995 - 1999

lessons with Emi Sugihara in Japan

1999 - 2004

lessons with Velislava Palatschorova in Bulgaria

1999 - 2006

compositional studies, diploma in 2006

2004 - 2006

lessons with Muriel Chemin in France

2005 - 2008

computer science



lives and works as a freelance composer in Vienna and Innsbruck


since 2003: co-worker at the central information service department ZID, software trainer, tech support

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

commission for a CD production of Tyrolean composers


commission of the International Viola d'amore Society of America


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

composition award

Description of Style

Christian Reimeir's compositional activity began spontaneously (without musical knowledge) at the age of 17 years on the piano. At first he was inspired by the motivic-thematic music of Beethoven. The starting point of his musical and compositional fantasies lie in the late romantic and impressionistic sound world of Alexander Scriabin. Reimeir feels very connected to his manic expression fanatism. Since he began his musical studies rather late at the Conservatory, his autodidactic approach to music, in particular to composition, allowed him to stay unbiased towards established doctrines and styles. By the use of mathematical algorithms, which he incorporates into his works, he combines the partially oppressive rigor of such formulations with emotional intuition. His urge to express feelings through music is tamed by a strict mathematical concept. His works are always an expression of the most intimate personal life experiences - as it turns out, the fantastic emotional world is gaining more and more importance in his compositions.

Christian Reimeir, 2012 ©

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