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Berauer Johannes


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 Contemplations 2015 10m
2 Pass the Goddamn Butter 2013 27m
3 Solar Flares 2013 10m
4 Crossing Tilak 2013 8m
5 Aus Himmeln 2013 4m
6 Stormy Weather - for twelve Saxophones 2012 ~8m
7 Spring Fling 2012 6m
8 Alchemy of Happiness 2012 12m
9 Uncreachably Close 2012 7m
10 Free Fall 2012 9m
11 SOLITUDE`S CHARM 2012 10m
12 Pavane 2012 5m
13 Echoes of the Miraculous 2011 8m
14 Three Chants For Cello 2011 20m
15 Gegen den Strom 2010
16 On The Run 2010 4m
17 Nehneh 2010 20m
18 Poona 2010 10m
19 Morgensterns Menagerie 2010 20m
20 Kliknu Vila 2010 12m
21 Snijeg Pade 2010 11m
22 But The Birds Still Sing 2010 4m
23 Die Mitternachtmaus 2010 5m
24 Die längste Brücke der Welt 2009 8m
25 Mizar A & B 2009 12m
26 Five Pieces 2009 15m
27 Morgenstern Lieder 2009 15m
28 Carpe Noctem 2009 55m
29 Passacaglia 2009 - 2011 6m
30 Unspoken Poem 2009 8m
31 Fugue for Brass & Sticks 2008 8m
32 Herzfluss 2008 ~ 20m
33 Perpetuum Sonnenwind 2008 10m
34 Fantasie für Flöte Solo 2008 4m
35 Nordlicht 2008 8m
36 Des Kaises Neue Kleider 2008 8m
37 Von Mondschafen und Silbergäulen 2008 11m
38 Streichquartett Nr.1 2007 8m
39 Sad Times / Happy Song 2007 9m
40 Above & Below 2007 8m
41 Cosmic Dance 2007 15m
42 Dust Clouds 2007 12m
43 Impulse II 2007 13m
44 Piano Trio No. 1 2006 - 2007 20m
45 Free As A Bird 2006 10m
46 Time Travel 2006 10m
47 Water Crystals 2006 9m
48 Three Movements for Strings 2006 15m
49 A Place To Go 2006 9m
50 Sing Me A Song 2006 8m
51 Frank's Lullaby 2005 12m
52 Falling 2005 8m
53 Thoughts and Delusions 2005 15m
54 Emptiness 2005 4m
55 Pune 2005 5m
56 Duke's Dream 2005 10m
57 Boston Rhapsody 2005 20m
58 Doors Won't Open 2005 8m
59 2 Miniaturen für Violine 2005 5m
60 Sonate für Oboe und Klavier 2004 12m
61 12 Miniaturen für Flöte 2004 20m
62 Mountain Song 2004 12m
63 Sketches for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon 2004 20m
64 Gegen Den Strom 2004 20m
65 Face To Face 2004 15m
66 Tense Times 2004 8m
67 Inner Landscape 2004 8m
68 Bruce 2004 7m
69 From Tomorrow Until Now 2003
70 Dienstags Am Balkan 2003 8m
71 Konzert für Cello, Vokalensemble und Percussion - Werden, Sein Vergehen 2002 45m
72 Journey 2002 9m
73 Ohne Worte 2002 7m
74 Ungeplant 2002
75 Part III 2001 - 2006 8m
76 Geschwindigkeiten aus fünf Perspektiven 2001 12m
77 The Very Moment ... 2001 20m
78 Checkpoints - Konzert für Violine und Kammerorchester 2000 35m
79 Lebenszeichen - Konzert für Jazzband 2000 30m
80 SonnenWind 10m
81 Rote Wangen - für hammered dulcimer
82 Artful Musical Moments

General Information

Year of Birth:  1979
Date of Birth:  30. October 1979
Place of Birth:  Wels
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

Johannes Berauer studied composition and Jazz piano at the New England Conservatory and Berklee College in Boston, as well as the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. Among his teachers were Bob Brookmeyer, Lee Hyla, Christoph Cech and Gunter Waldek.

Stylistically Berauer moves successfully between the bounds of contemporary music and jazz, distinguishing himself with innovation and artistic security in both fields. His sponsors and the interpreters of his music are as varied as Berauer's music itself; he composed for names such as Benjamin Schmid, Friedrich Kleinhapl and the Eggner Trio. He also composed the music for the Linzer Klangwolke 2008.
His works are performed throughout the world and he received a number of awards and scholarships (e.g. Gustav Mahler Award, Fulbright scholarship, …).


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1999 - 2004

composition, music theory

1999 - 2004

composition, music theory

1999 - 2004

composition, music theory (Peter Strasser)

2003 - 2004

focus on jazz

2004 - 2005

jazz piano/composition (Ray Santisi)

2005 - 2007

jazz-composition (Bob Brookmeyer)

2005 - 2007

jazz-composition (Lee Hyla)


2005 - 2007

teaching assistant (music theory, ear training)


Klagenfurt Conservatory: ever since teaching jazz-composition

Boston/Vienna: composer and band leader

collaborations with reknown artists such as Benjamin Schmid, Friedrich Kleinhapl, Willi Resetarits, Paul Gulda, the Eggner Trio and orchestras like the Bruckner Symphony Orchestra, Lugano Radio Orchestra, Symphonieorchester Vorarlberg, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)



Linzer Klangwolke


Project, Wood & Brass


music in memory of the pianist Friedrich Gulda


Bruckner Symphony Orchestra


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

First Prize Gustav-Mahler-composition-contest


talent promotional award


Herb Pomeroy award


Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs: Fulbright scholarship


First Prize at the NEC Chamber Orchestra Composition Contest


First Prize at the NEC Piano Trio Composition Contest


honorable mention at the international composition competition in Gmünd, Austria


New England Conservatory Honors Jazz Ensemble with the "Tiny Orchestra"


winner of the NEC Piano Trio Composition Contest


winner of the NEC Chamber Orchestra Composition Contest




finalist ArtEZ Composition Contest (Holland)


winner of Scrivere in Jazz (Italy)


Austrian State Scholarship Composition

Description of Style

Johannes Berauer is equally at home in the worlds of new music as well as jazz. What sets him apart is a virtuosity that is both expressive and approachable; his thematic work with polyphonic structures, craftsmanship, and his nuanced expressiveness. While Berauer demands a lot from his interpreters, it isn’t just for the sake of virtuosity, but in the service of the sound. The jazz compositions he was written for larger ensembles is both melodic and melancholic.

Press Reviews


Johannes manages to connect 21st Century innovation with Jazz music to great success. I see a long and productive musical life for him -- very, very gifted. 

Bob Brookmeyer 



Characterising Nysted's music from the point of view of a wine connoisseur, it could be compared with a complex, old red-wine rich in tannin, while Johannes Berauer's cello concert "Werden, Sein, Vergehen" compares to a champagne sparkling of youthful freshness. From profound, meditative passages to sky-high storming emotional releases strong in colour - the winner of the first prize at the international Gustav Mahler composition contest in Klagenfurt uses the individuality of the cello, choir and the percussion instruments to structure diversified wave patterns on the reflecting surface of the cycle of life. The third part, the "Vergehen"(decay), encourages associations with Ariel Ramirez' Missa Criolla, despite revolution and breakdown. In Berauer's composition the positive voices prevail in the eternal cycle of growth and decay and the overwhelming diversity of musical possibilities allows the young, talented composer to exhaust the sound palette with baroque sensuality. 

Franz Szabo 


25. June 2000

Checkpoints, by Johannes Berauer and winner of the first prize, carries its title rightfully: the 20-year-old composer from Upper Austria is a great talent; his feel for very colourful sound and transparent use of the orchestra is remarkable. Located near minimalist music with its constant ostinati, which can also be found in this work predominant in rhythmic and often melodic form. The young man comes up with ideas just like that, appearing still tonal in some parts and not being reluctant to use jazzy sounds! 

Neue Kärntner Tageszeitung

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: The Vienna Chamber Diaries (Material Records)
  • 2008: Tiny Orchestra (Cracked Anegg Records)

Band/Ensemble Member of

Band/Ensemble Member of: