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Year of Birth:  1968
Date of Birth:  30. January 1968
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Karen Schlimp is a musician, improviser and instrumental pedagogue.


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Musikgynasium Klagenfurt-Viktring: flute, violin, piano and vocals

1978 - 1986

piano and flute

1986 - 1993

studies in instrumental pedagogy, diploma with distinction

1986 - 1993

studies in instrumental pedagogy, diploma with distinction

1991 - 1993

training in Gestalt-pedagogy at the Institute for integrative Gestalt-pedagogy

1992 - 2003

master-courses and further trainings for piano, improvisation and chamber-music with numerous artists and composers, such as Uli Scherer (Vienna), Wassili Lobanov (Moscow), George Crumb (USA), Emmy Heinz Diemand (Switzerland) and Douglas Finch (London), Matthias Schwabe (Berlin), Herbert Wiedemann (Berlin), Vinko Globokar (Berlin), Christian Woolf (USA), Tom Johnson (Paris) etc.


1994 - 1995

diploma in applied music

2000 - 2003

training for teaching improvisation (vocational studies), diploma with distinction


1986 - 1995

transmission of musci and instrumental pedagogy inland and abroad (e.g. Klagenfurt, Upper Austria, Vienna and London)

1992 - 1995

working in the project "die kunst der stunde"



ever since teaching piano and improvisation

1995 - 2002

musician in Vienna, Salzburg and Upper Austria


ever since teaching piano minor and ensemble-musical communication

1996 - 1999

assistant (Prof. Röbke) at the Chair for instrumental pedagogy


co-founder and ever since organizer of the “LinzerimprovisationsTage” [Linz Improvisation Days] (together with Heidi Schneider Klimpfinger)


ever since live-improvisations to silent movies, founder of the series “Neue Musik zu alten Filmen” [New Music for Old Films]

musical action-art: "Pianomobile oder das fahrradfahrende Klavier" [Piano-mobile or the Bicycle-Riding Piano]

workshops for instrumental pedagogy (playing the piano in pair, improvisation)

piano-solo- and chamber-music-concerts in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and India; among others premieres of contemporary pieces (e.g. Zehm London, Berlin, Innsbruck and Vienna; Zeitton ORF; Werner Raditschnig Salzburg, Wien and Linz)

member of Diamodal

member of RefleXions (duo for contemporary and improvised music)

Performances (Selection)


concerts in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and India


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Third Award at a Competition for Improvisation (Leipzig)

Discography, Projects

Her performance projects have involved painters, dancers, composers, fairy-tale tellers and video-artists, and some have included her own compositions:


  • 2010: "Musik auf Schienen" (piano, saxophone and tape by the apprentives of the ÖBB Linz)
  • 2009: "Fragmentgespräche (string-quartett, vocals and piano)
  • 2008: "Wach(s)zustände" (piano, flutes and visuals; CD)
  • 2004: "Pianomobile oder das fahrradfahrende Klavier" and ever since repeated
  • 2004: "Stille vor der Flut - Improvisationen zu Bildern mit Petra Wurz und Linda Pilz" (CD)
  • 2002-2003: "Schriftstücke 1-2" (concept improvisations for calligraphy, typewriter, piano, cello and Persian speaker)
  • 2000: "Trilogie in Blau" (music, painting, dance)

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