Martin Anton Schmid
Nickname: Needy
Instrument: flugelhorn, vocals, guitar, piano

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Schmid Martin Anton


# Titlesort icon Year of Origin Duration Instrumentation Category
1 "Elbrus - Gestern und heute - 1942 - 2008" - music for the film 2009 20m
2 "Es geschah in Jerusalem" - Music for the Easter play 2009 12m 40s
3 "Gangsters and others" - Music for the film 2008 25m
4 "Julie" - music for the film 2010 64m
5 "The Sword" - music for the film 2007 4m
6 "Von Luft und Wasser" - music for the film 2007
7 Abschied 2012 8m 40s
8 Achtsamkeit 2012 3m 10s
9 Ad templum novum 2007 2m
10 BeFlügelt 2011 3m 50s
11 Das Geisterschloss 2009 2m 15s
12 Das versteinerte Liebespaar 2011 9m 20s
13 Erbaut aus Stein und Sein 2007 3m
14 Finding 2009 10m
15 Fröhlich singen soll die Erde laut! 2007
16 Für die Mädels 2011 9m 20s
17 Ist gerettet 2010 54m
18 Jimmy Star and the girl working in the Boulevard-Bar 2006
19 Julie - Suites 2010 54m
20 Katharsis 2012 10m
21 Landschaftsphantasie 2008
22 My sweetheart 2006
23 Ohne Titel 2012
24 Piano-Waltz 2011 8m
25 Piano-Waltz 2 2012 3m 50s
26 Piano-Waltz 3 2011 3m
27 Piece for string orchestra 2012 5m 10s
28 Polartag 2012 2m 45s
29 Steirische Harmonik: G - C- F - Bb 2012 6m 15s
30 String quartet 2011 9m 5s
31 Symphony 2012 30m
32 Tubalenzen 2012 3m
33 Zu Bacharach am Rheine 2011 3m 30s

General Information

Year of Birth:  1987
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Martin Anton Schmid (*1987 in Rum near Innsbruck) graduated 2012 in the study "Composition and music theory" at the Tyrolean Conservatory (Tiroler Landeskonservatorium) with honors and passed there two post-graduate years. 2011 he graduated in the study of "Comparative literature" at the Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck with the degree Mag. phil. He currently is writing on his dissertation, entitled "Die Bestimmung von Akkordgrundtönen in unterschiedlichen harmonischen Kontexten" (="Predicting chord roots in different harmonic contexts") in the field "Music theory / Music analysis” ("Special field historical musicology, music theory and church music science") at University for music and performing art. He currently also studies "Lehramt UF Musikerziehung und UF Instrumentalmusikerziehung" (="Teaching music and instrumental education") with piano and singing at the University Mozarteum Salzburg (Universität Mozarteum Salzburg).


Martin Anton Schmids oeuvre includes works for choir, strings, piano, concert band and symphony orchestra. Stylistically Schmid writes on the one hand in a romantic tonal style, on the other hand freely tonal and modern with a trend to expanded tonality. In 2010 he composed the more than 60-minute music to the movie "Julie" (large symphony orchestra), which was recorded under his direction in April 2010 by nearly 70 students of the University Mozarteum Salzburg, place Innsbruck and the Tyrolean Conservatory and in February 2011 the score got released as a CD. In two concerts five suites from the soundtrack were premiered in March 2010 in Innsbruck. He also composed interalia the work "Für die Mädels" for string orchestra, several solo works for piano and  works for string quartet. 2012 he finished his first "Symphony", which was premiered in May 2013 by the Universitätsorchester Innsbruck.


From 2010 to 2012 Schmid held a tutorial for music-theory at the Tyrolean Conservatory. 2012 he published his diploma thesis "Filmmusik  als Bedeutungsträger" at the Akademikerverlag as well as his book "Formelbuch der Harmonielehre" at the Diplomica Verlag. Martin Anton Schmid takes part as lecturer at international congresses and teaches since 2013 at the Tyrolean Conservatory.


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PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

secondary school leaving certificate, BORG

2006 - 2011

Leopold-Franzens-University: study of Comparative Literature, diploma with distinction

2008 - 2012

studies of composition and music-theory, diploma with distinction


ever since studies for the teaching-certificate in music education and instrumental education with piano and voice-training


ever since PhD-studies in music-theory, music-analysis


2003 - 2008

foundation of own choir, followed by 5-year's management


recording of the soundtrack for "Julie" with 70 students at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg and the Tyrol Conservatory

2010 - 2012

tutorial for music theory


CD-publication of the recording of "Julie" from the year 2010


ever since lecturer Musikkunde / Tonsatz Grundlagen

lecturer at international congresses

Performances (Selection)


performance of five orchestral suites from "Julie" under the direction of Christian Gamper


premiere of a septet for strings


premiere played by the University Orchestra Innsbruck

Description of Style

The style of Tyrolean composer Martin Schmid covers various areas of the composition - starting with film music in a high romantic style (with concise themes and tense accompanying phrases) and new music (with skillful use of contemporary effects and the exploitation of new sound dimensions, but always building on everything past) up to the point of rock and pop songs.


Martin Anton Schmid, 2011

Performer of (Composition)

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