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Schaufler Anselm


# Titlesort icon Year of Origin Duration Instrumentation Category
1 ... im Strom ... 2000 8m
2 ...kreisend... 2000 5m
3 aporie 2007 21m
4 Avant gare 2003 15m
5 Beschwörungsgesang 2008 4m
6 Das große Fest 1998 20m
7 Dedicedith 1991 11m
8 Der Köhler vom Plabutsch 2006 26m
9 Doch nicht 1995 12m
10 drop
11 Du und o 1993 7m
12 f.E. 1989 7m
13 Flüchtige Berührung 1995 7m
14 Gedankenstummel am Parkett verstreut 2000 15m
15 illusion 1998 11m
16 isolinie 2000 6m
17 lauta linke teazn 2002 9m
18 Linea 2003 6m
19 Lineament 2003 6m
20 machine age / fließband blues / beatific 2005 13m
21 MGV 2002 40m
22 Mückentanz 2006 3m
23 noctuidae 1999 16m
24 omnes tangit 2006 6m
25 Sammelsurium 2002 20m
26 Sonne hau ab 2000 17m
27 Sprachräume 1996 ~ 5m
28 tastata 2004 7m
29 Tempo di Menuetto 1989 4m
30 Verbundenheit 1997 ~ 6m
31 Verbundenheit 1997 8m
32 verlaufend 2000 9m
33 Verregnete Zeilen 2004 16m
34 via 2005 12m
35 Viotrio 1988 9m
36 Wieniaturen - für Zither und Violine

General Information

Date of Birth:  24. March 1970
Place of Birth:  Vienna
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 


Born in 1970 in Vienna. Violin studies with Klaus Eichholz, composition studies with Beat Furrer, Bernhard Lang, and Georg Friedrich Haas. Teacher of violin, music theory and arrangment at the Johann Joseph Fux Conservatory in Graz.
1990 and 1996 scholarship of the International Darmstadt Summer Courses. Awarded in 1995 with the Robert Stolz honorary diploma. Music Promotion Prize of the City of Graz in 1996. Austrian State Promotion Award in 1999.


Commissions for the Graz Opera, styriarte, Steirischer Herbst, Lutoslawski Festival and various ensembles such as reconsil, die reihe, zeifluss, etc.; furthermore collaborations in the fields of pop/rock with Opus, Kolonovits, Beatles Unlimited, Cellofun, Weana Gmiat Schrammeln, Pischinger Family, ensemble profile, amo. Co-founder, violinist, composer and arranger of the ensemble "Die salonfähigen Saitenspringer", "Grazer Grammophoniker", "quartetto ornando", "Duowabohu" and "dents aevi".
Member of the associations "die andere saite", "Steirischer Tonkünstlerbund" and ISCM.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1986 - 1992

lessons with Klaus Eichholz

1986 - 1992

lessons with Matheos Karijolou

1992 - 1999


1992 - 1999


1992 - 1999




dentes aevi: co-founder, violinist and arranger

Die salonfähigen Saitenspringer: co-founder, violinist and arranger

Duowabohu: co-founder, violinist and arranger

Grazer Grammophoniker: co-founder, violinist and arranger

quartetto ornando: co-founder, violinist and arranger of the ensemble

teacher of music theory, arrangement and violin




cooperation in terms of pop-rock with Opus, Kolonovits, Beatles Unlimited, Cellofun, Weana Gmiat Schrammeln, Familie Pischinger, Ensemble Profil etc.

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)

various ensembles


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation



Robert-Stolz-Society Vienna: honorary certificate


promotional award for music




state promotional award

Description of Style

Since I do not believe in a linear development in art, my pieces range from tonal to experimental language. The focus is on dealing with the material and its formal solution. The type of material, whether in a tonal triad or microtonal intervals, is only important in relation to the formal idea. My music can be described as polystylistic, however this is not applicable for individual compositions.