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Year of Birth:  1964
Place of Birth:  Bad Ischl
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Cordula Bösze is one of the busiest personalities in the Austrian new music scene. At the center of her multilayered works is the acoustic exploration of her instrument, the flute. As a musical libertine, she doesn’t just concentrate and a single for of expression, and many of her projects fall under more of an interdisciplinary context.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation
1977 - 1979

preparation classes for universitary studies

1979 - 1985

German flute in performance

1999 - 2001

sociology and philosophy

eudcation in respiration, voice and movement


1989 - 1995

organizational collaboration in the Vienna concert series "Kulturspektakel in der Stadtinitiative" (artistic director: Renald Deppe and Christian Muthspiel)


ever since teaching activities


foundation of "Das Bösze Salonorchester" for the causation and performance of contemporary miniatures

1995 - 2001

artistic and conceptual collaboration in the music- and school-project "Klangnetze"


ever since projects in the fields of freely improvised music and with electronics


ever since instructor at the KinderOrchesterCamp


foundation and start of facilitating activities for contemporary music ("W.er A.ußer Mozart?" – composing workshop) at Austrian schools


artist in residence

"Institut für Medienarchäologie" [Institute of Media Archaeology]: cooperation with the association of Elisabeth Schimana

flutist, performer

collaboration with numerous composers (Katharina Klement, Oskar Aichinger, Dieter Kaufmann, Friedrich Keil, and many more) and writers (Christine Huber, Gerhard und Martin Amanshauser, Andreas Okopenko, Ferdinand Schmatz etc.)

collaborations, among others in productions of the Vienna Chamber Opera, Volkstheater, New Opera Vienna; trainee in the RSO Orchestra Vienna

responsible for the concept to the Certified Program "Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik" (2 semester)

Performances (Selection)


Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon

concertized and performed at events including "Transmediale Berlin"

concertized and performed at events including "City of Women Ljubljana"

concertized and performed at events including "Traumlandschaften St. Petersburg"

Discography, Projects


  • Vissage (for flute and electronics, with Klaus Hollinetz; CD)

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