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Pawollek Roman

General Information

Year of Birth:  1971
Date of Birth:  4. June 1971
Place of Birth:  Oppeln
Country of Birth: 



experimental film music for the arthouse films as well as soundinstallations for the exhibitions of Eliane Huber-Irikawa (Switzerland) and Lars Koepsel (Germany)

performers, including the Morgenstern-Trio, Ensemble LUX, Leibniz-Trio, Ensemble Platypus, Webern Kammerchor, Markus Holzer (4 Saxess), Hermann Ebner (NÖ-Tonkünstlerorchester), Sabine Zwick Wiener Saxophon-Quartett), Josef Mayr etc.

performances in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Italy and China

private lessons in piano pedagogy

broadcastings of compositions on ORF, Zhongshan Radio Station (China)

activity as a pianist, keyboard player with various ensembles, including contemporary music, jazz and pop, improvisation

member and chairman





PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

Bayreuth: Richard Wagner Scholarship


composition award


finalist at the International Helmut-Sohmen-Competition in Composition


State Scholarship for Composition

Description of Style

"Everything should be made as simple as possible - but no simpler." Albert Einstein   


Under this premise, I'm looking for all the complexity of the manifestations in the material and spiritual world, for the element that might be inherent and common to everything. At the highest level it may be either a spirit or God. In music, it is certainly the sound itself which - being the essential substance with its overtone vibrations - has always been present, as well as is and will be present for always. The objective of my current compositional working is therefore a preferably timeless, but contemporary establishment of truth in relation to the exploration of the phenomenon of sound with its (elementary) physical, psychological, and transcendental qualities, principles and universal content. And I see myself in many ways as spectator, discoverer and explorer, and on the other side as a mediator and designer. In regard to the interplay between being passive=receiving in the form of improvisation and being active=formulating - meaning also composition - I try to get in a dialogue with the present, which manifests itself in the form of melodic information. This polarity, the interplay between the experience and reflection, and the constant flow of opposites, which is always present at different levels in our reality as well as my own inadequacy as an individual - all together these things form the moment of tension for my compositional work.


Roman Pawollek, 2010

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