Daniel Riegler
Instrument: trombone

Photographer: Claudio Casanova ©

Riegler Daniel


# Title Year of Originsort icon Duration Instrumentation Category Sheet Music Shop
1 Luft. Strom - für gemischtes Jazzensemble 2018
2 Fanfare IV - Undisclosed Recipients 2017 10m
3 artifical art - for trombone and percussion 2016 8m
4 deep listening 2016 7m
5 Comprovised Interludes - for Ensemble and a Conductor Indicating Time 2016 3m 20s
6 Sympathikus - Parasympathikus 2014 1h 10m
7 Rock n´Roll 2012
8 Fanfare III 2012
9 Gruntz – für gemischtes Jazzensemble 2011
10 18 Diphtonge – Miniaturen für Paulus und Klaus 2011
11 Lead Casting 2011
12 Fanfare I 2011
13 Fanfare II 2011
14 Harz 2010
15 Cardea - für 13 MusikerInnen (Version 1) 2010
16 Hit I 2009
17 ATTYAN 2009
18 Dekadenz 2009
19 Haydnarbeit 2009
20 Käfig V 2009
21 Gruntz 2009
22 Franztanz 2008
23 Hit V 2008
24 Käfig II 2008
25 Käfig III 2008
26 Glut 2008
27 Etude Nr. 1 - für Kammerorchester 2008
28 The Ten Thousand Things 2007

General Information

Year of Birth:  1977
Place of Birth:  Graz
Region of Birth: 
Country of Birth: 

Works as a freelance performer, composer, ensemble director and producer of improvised contemporary and jazz related music. 

He performs regularly as trombonist with Klangforum Wien, as composer and ensemble director he has received commissions from well known ensembles and institutions (21er Haus Wien, ensemble for contemporary music zürich, NDR Bigband, Jazzfestival Saalfelden…).

He is cofounder of the Jazzwerkstatt Wien and artistic director of the chamber ensemble he founded, Studio Dan. 

He has received countless grants and awards (Staatsstipendium für Komposition 2015, Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik/Bestenliste 02/2010, …) and he has worked together with artists like Elliott Sharp, Vinko Globokar, Michel Doneda, Friedrich Cerha and the ensemble "die reihe”.

He lives with the cellist Maiken Beer and two children in Vienna.


PeriodEducationInstrumentTeacherEducation OrganisationLocation

music studies

music studies (Ed Neumeister)

private lessons in composition



co-founder and ever since artistic direction (together with: Clemens Wenger, Bernd Satzinger, Peter Rom, Clemens Salesny, Manuel Mayr, Leo Riegler)


ever since artistic director of the stage-band "Studio Dan"


guest musician


CD-release of the production "Things" and presentation of the programme and of new pieces at the Jazzfestival Berlin


collaboration with Elliott Sharp for the project "In the Pelagic Zone"


cooperation with Studio Dan, JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble and with the ensemble für neue musik zürich

2013 - 2014

studio-productions/recordings with the NDR Big Band and with SWR


curator, artistic director and solist in the 4-part project "Individuum Collectivum I – IV" on the occasion of Vinko Globokar's 80th birthday


artistic director, composer and solist in the 4-part concert-series "HOMO FABER" at 21er Haus

member of the quartet "Bintobone"

duo-compositions for the project "T.B.N.-two bones notated"

focus on improvisation and composition concepts in the areas between jazz and contemporary music

development of the improvisation computer game "The Ten Thousand Things"

freelance instrumentalist and composer for orchestras, ensembles and big bands

performer of music from the 20th and 21st century

orchestral activities with Klangforum Wien, Ensemble XX. Jahrhundert, Radio Symphony Orchestra Wien, Stage Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Chamber Orchestra, Vienna Volksoper, Vienna Chamber Philharmonic, Vienna Chamber Opera, Ensemble Zeitfluß

collaborations with Nouvelle Cuisine, Timeart Ensemble, JazzWerkstatt Workshop Ensemble, Maiken Beer, Michael Bruckner, Michel Doneda, Sven Hahne, Wolfgang Hattinger, Stefan Heckel, Mathias Koch, Lukas König, Tibor Kövesdi, Maththias Muche, Herbert Pirker, Lorenz Raab, Leo Riegler, Peter Rom, Clemens Salesny, Bernd Satzinger, Karl Sayer, Matija Schellander, Wolfgang Schiftner, Christoph Walder, Clemens Wenger, Philip Yaeger a.m.m.

Performances (Selection)


premiere of "Jazzfantasia" by Gideon Nxumalo as a soloist with the MIAGI Orchestra


performance with the Klangforum Wien


performance with the Klangforum Wien


world premiere of the "Vitual Conductor II"


Frischzelle Festival


Bibliothèque nationale de France


presentation of the new programme and new pieces at the Jazzfestival Berlin


world premiere


collaboration with Michel Doneda for the premiere


world premieres with Studio Dan, JazzWerkstatt Wien New Ensemble and ensemble für neue musik zürich

Commissions (Selection)

PeriodCommissionCompositionCommissioner (Organisation)Commissioner (Person)


PeriodAwardCompositionAwarding Organisation

featured artist


Harry Pepl Award


New Austrian Sound of Music: nomination


nomination for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award (together with JazzWerkstatt Wien)


award for the album "Creatures & other stuff" (best list 02/2010)


publicity award


promotional award


state -scholarship in composition 2015

Discography, Projects


  • 2013: In the Pelagic Zone (with Studio Dan)
  • 2012: Dekadenz (with Studio Dan)
  • 2011: Jazzwerkstatt Wien New Ensemble (with Jazzwerkstatt Wien New Ensemble)
  • 2010: Things (with Studio Dan)
  • 2010: RE:NEW MUSIC (with Ensemble Reconsil)
  • 2009: Creatures & other stuff (with Studio Dan)
  • 2009: Elegant (with Die Strottern und JazzWerkstatt Wien)
  • 2009: free self when done (with BINTOBONE)
  • 2008: Nu Song #2 (with Studio Dan - Single Auskopplung)
  • 2008: gDoon (with Nouvelle Cuisine)
  • 2007: Podcast (with JazzWerkstatt - Promo Recording)
  • 2007: Bernd Satzinger's Wurschtsemmerl
  • 2006: Jazzwerkstatt Wien 2006 (with JazzWerkstatt; CD-DVD)
  • 2006: Studio Dan (with Studio Dan - Demo Recording)
  • 2006: piktogramm II - Demo Recording
  • 2005: The JazzIT Stage Orchestra Workshop - JSO
  • 2005: Jazzwerkstatt Wien 2005 (with JazzWerkstatt)
  • 2004: Mozart revisited (with Nouvelle Cuisine; Quinton)

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Contact Person of (Organisation)

Band/Ensemble Member of

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