Licht, Farbe, Schatten
für Kammerorchester
Opus Number: opus 38
Year of Origin: 1995
Year of Adaption: 1996
Duration: 17m

Licht, Farbe, Schatten - für Kammerorchester

Instrumentation Details

Orchestral Code:  0, Picc, AFl/0, EHr/0, Klar in Es, BKlar/1 - 0/1/1/0 - Perc(2) - Pf - Str

piccolo (1), alto flute (1), english horn (1), clarinet (1), bass clarinet (1), bassoon (1), trumpet (1), trombone (1), percussion (2), piano (1), violin (3), violoncello (2), double bass (1)


Title:  Licht, Farbe, Schatten
Publisher:  Bärenreiter-Verlag


Title:  Aurora - Musik zwischen Tag und Nacht
Label:  Extraplatte GmbH
Performer:  Rajski Wojciech
Band/Ensemble:  RSO Warsaw
Year:  1995


Location:  Vienna Konzerthaus
Date:  20. March 1996
Performer:  Burwik Peter
Band/Ensemble:  Ensemble xx. jahrhundert

Description of Style

"Everything here is built on sound and brightness values; a sound, a color, has another implied - as continuation, modification, or sharp contrast . The selection and arrangement of the instrumentalisation takes these principles into account [...]"


Thomas Daniel Schlee, 2002

Performed Composition of (Person)