"... at the faint sound so brief ..."
Composer: Reuter Marcel
Year of Origin: 2001
Duration: 7m

"... at the faint sound so brief ..."

Instrumentation Details

flute (1), saxophone (1), drums (1), guitar (1), viola (1)


Title:  "...at the faint sound so brief..."
Type of Publication:  Publisher
Publisher:  Edition 21


Additional Information

The conceptual background for this piece is given by the idea of palimpsest : an original material that is constantly over-drawn and rewritten but nevertheless „shines through" from time to time. I was thinking of a particular poem by Samuel Beckett („Poeme 1974") which he originally wrote in French and translated himself into English („Something there"). Interestingly, however, this is not so much a simple translation than a creative extension, a reworking of the original, a kind of „palimpsest-variation". I decided to use this poem as a structural backbone for my (instrumental) piece. After having analyzed its motives , I assigned musical textures, gestures, etc to these and composed subsequently „along" the poem and its translation. The various literary motives and their re-occurrencies allowed me, in a palimpsest way, to rewrite, to „recycle" my own material. „…at the faint sound so brief…" is a commission by the Wiener Konzerthausgesell-schaft and has been premiered during the Hörgänge festival at the Vienna concert-hall in march 2001.


Location:  Vienna Konzerthaus
Year:  2001
Date:  10. March 2001
Performer:  Pironkoff Simeon

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