Grazer Kinder- & Jugendsingakademie
also known as:, art.ensemble, Concertjugendchor
Registered as:

Grazer Kinder- & Jugendsingakademie

General Information

The organization consists of three selected choirs (“,” “art.ensemble,” “Concertjugendchor”) with an average age of 13.4 years, over 160 singers (aged 6 to 18)


  • 21 awards at domestic choir competitions
  • 10 international awards
  • 24 awards at the Prima la musica competition for solo voice at all age levels
  • multiple awards and category victories at Austria’s “Bundesjugendsingen” [Federal Youth Singing] competition
  • special awards for the best contemporary piece, and its membershave won altogether

Lineup/Description of Style

The Kinder- & Jugendsingakademie of Graz is a mixed choir for children and youth.

Discography, Performances, Projects


  • The organization has mounted performances with orchestra of the Verdi Requiem, Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis and The Book with Seven Seals, as well as participated in operatic productions.
  • over 50,000 kilometers of touring under their collective belt (to Finland, Spain, Wales, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, Italy and elsewhere)

Field of Activity of (Person)

Contact, Links

Contact Person:  Fürntratt Maria