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Year of Foundation:  2005


Ingredients: 2 violins for the melody, 1 viola, 1 contrabass, 1 saxophone.


Preparation: Take a small contrabass and a full viola as a basis, fold in two melodic violins and season them all with a spicy saxophone part shortly prior to serving. This intense-tasting mixture came together at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, where the individual ingredients still study today. Since the musicians come from the most diverse corners of Austria, their music-making results in a rather colorful mixture of pieces. And of yodels. Because they don’t just play, this “bread spread,” they also yodel – and they do so with a passion. It’s a feast for the ears.

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double bass

The ingredients of this Aufstrich [English: "bread spread" and/or "up-bow"] come from four different Austrian provinces, and the repertoire is correspondingly diverse. From Styrian polkas to Lower Austrian waltzes, from "Landler-Gstanzln" from the Innviertel to Viennese Gstanzl-potpourris: it's not a feast for the palette, it's a feast for the ears.

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  • 2010: Spiele (non food factory)
  • 2008: Brot (non food factory)

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Contact Person:  Lacherstorfer Julia