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Waltraud Wulz and Antoinette Van Zabner have for years now formed an international duet which consciously takes up the different musical backgrounds of each artist as its theme: on the one hand deep roots in Austrian musical culture, and on the other the international centers of the musical world.

Triumphant concert appearances in Europe and Japan have made the two pianists well known as a duet far beyond Austria’s borders. Last year the two conducted an extended concert tour through Chile and North America as ambassadors of Austrian music.

Their CD Profiles, released by Gramola, testifies to their outstanding abilities as well as their convincing temperament and the touching depth of their compositions. “We play with four hands on one or two pianos.”


  • Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia: „Coca-Cola Artists in Residence“

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  • „Profiles“ (CD Gramola 98770)


  • 2006: three concerts in the main concert hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus for Mozart Year 2006 with Fritz Muliar and Elfriede Ott
  • 2007: at the international music festival in Frutillar, Chile during the “Semenas Musicales de Frutillar”
  • 2007: opening concert of the ICOM Conference, Musikverein Vienna

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Website:  pianoduo.at